How A Chorus Line is Like Life

Who am I anyway?

Am I my resume?


If you’re familiar with the musical A Chorus Line, you may remember these lines from “I Hope I Get It,” a big song and dance number with hundreds of dancers auditioning to make the cut.  Although I’m certainly not a professional dancer in NYC in the ’70s, I totally can relate.  I am in showbiz in LA, where the good jobs are hard to find, and it seems like there are perpetually lots more job-seekers than open positions.  Plus, I’m someone who needs a purpose, so I’ve historically used my job to define a large part of who I am.

I’m currently between jobs (as is par for the course in the entertainment industry), and I’m feeling a little lost as a result.  I’m trying to view this time as an opportunity to really tune in and figure out my next step in life, but instead I’m just sorta… floating.  Do I want to continue working in the industry?  I like what I do, but there is no long-term job stability.  Can I deal with the inevitable financial uncertainty in all the years down the road?  If you’re lucky, you can work on a hit tv show for multiple years, or find a big budget movie for maybe a year.  If you’re lucky.  So far, I’ve had a little luck.  But I’ve hit some bumps in the road that have me questioning things.  It shouldn’t be this hard to figure out what I want, right?  After all, the only person I have to please at the moment is me.


What should I try to be?

So many faces all around and here we go.

I need this job.  Oh, God, I need this show.


3 thoughts on “How A Chorus Line is Like Life

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  2. I had my first mid-life crisis at 29-1/2 years old. I realized I was turning 30 and my life didn’t look what I wanted it to look like at 30. I did lots of soul searching and made some changes in my life. Of course I just went through my second mid-life crisis a few years ago. But things are back on track. You’ll figure it out! xoxo

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