Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

If you had asked me a few weeks ago if I could sew, my answer would have been, “Not really.  I can sew by hand a little, put in buttons, etc.  But I can’t use a sewing machine.  Plus, I don’t really like it anyway.”

Fast forward a few weeks later, and my answer has changed.  It’s amazing how being unemployed and watching finances dwindle is motivation to try new things for a paycheck.  When I got a call to work on a commercial, and they wanted me to make a t-shirt fit a turkey, I was darn willing.  Thank to a few last-minute refresher sewing lessons from my mom the night before (thanks Mom!!), that bird looked darn good in his custom-altered tee.  (For those of you concerned about animal welfare, everything was approved by the Humane Society, and he had two very nice handlers keeping him happy.  The tee was just arranged around his neck; his wings weren’t through the sleeves or anything.)  It’s funny what people will do to get a little attention around Thanksgiving, huh?

My latest project is making 2 tablecloths for a reality tv show.  “Really, tablecloths?” you say.  “That doesn’t sound so difficult?”  Hardly.  These are 40+ foot long tablecloths engineered to withstand some crazy stunts.  They have to be specially rigged with all sorts of equipment.  MacGyver himself would be impressed.  Obviously, I’m being deliberately vague here, because I can’t give away secrets about the show, but if it all goes according to plan, it should be pretty exciting.


A wise man recently said re: my current career/goal seach, “Keep an open mind.  You never know until you try something.”  And do you know what?  He might be right (thanks Dad!!).  I think I kind of like sewing.  Not enough for a career, but definitely as a hobby.  At least we’re getting somewhere, folks.


Have a great weekend!!!!  🙂


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