Dirty Dog Dishes

I must confess that nothing exciting has happened here lately, so I don’t have a ton to write.  I did go back for another volunteer shift at the animal shelter, and I spent another 2+ hours washing dog bowls, so I thought I’d regale you with that story.  Basically, how I turned this

Dirty Dog Dishes**

into this

Drying Dog Dishes**


The steps are as follows:

1. Scrape off any crusted kibble into the trash.

2. Scrub in the sink to get all food remnants unstuck.

3. Place in industrial sanitizer.

4. Lay out to dry.

5. When you’re out of counter space because drying dishes have taken over all available surfaces, wipe with a towel and stack to put away.


Once again, I barely finished in time for feeding time.  Whew!  Those dogs were hungry!



**For the record, these are a small fraction of the dog bowls I washed, but not all of them.  As I said, it took me over 2 hours.



3 thoughts on “Dirty Dog Dishes

  1. It’s a lot of work to keep critters clean and sanitary. When I was working at Zeus Place I called it “boot camp.” Moving dogs, lifting dogs, lifting bags of food and cat litter, mopping mopping mopping. Never ending pile of dirty bowls, litter boxes and the laundry! The washer and dryer ran all day long. I never felt like cleaning the house when I got home from a shift for some reason. LOL

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