Practical Joke?

Ok, who’s the trickster who ordered pizzas to my address last night?  I was definitely in the middle of making a chicken stew for dinner when the delivery guy rang my doorbell with pizzas for a “Maria.”  He definitely had my address correct but obviously the recipient was wrong.  I’m gonna assume that the prank was for the pizza guy instead of for me because I can’t imagine any of my friends would find it particularly funny.

Fortunately, he believed me that I hadn’t ordered any pizza.  He did try to pawn them off on me for $5, though.  But I passed.  I do wonder what the toppings were.  Perhaps “Maria” has good taste.  Oh well.  My chicken stew was mighty tasty and probably way healthier.

Happy weekend, everyone!  May you find humor in all the jokes you encounter these next couple of days.  See you Monday!


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