To paraphrase the great Coco Chanel,

A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.


You may know that originally, Coco was referring to a hair cut.  But… I haven’t exactly cut my hair.  (Long story, but the gist is: my hair stylist of the past 20 years works on the other coast of the USA, where I grew up, and I basically only get my hair cut 2x a year when I visit my parents.  I know.  I’m a loyal customer, what can I say?  Also, he’s THAT good.  🙂

Instead, I dyed my hair.  To be fair, I’ve been dyeing my hair for a little while now.  I have a lot of grays.  (Boooo.)  So, I cover  them up.  This time, I went a little darker and a little redder than usual.  Is this indicative of a new me in a new chapter of life?  I think so.

Here’s a hint that I have some big ideas for my future.  (You may recognize the website that I talked about in this post.)

Stay tuned!


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