I thought y’all might like to know that I volunteered at the animal shelter today, and I didn’t wash a single dish!!  Instead, I walked/played with Phillip, Charlie, Chuy, Pee Wee, Boo, and Handsome.

I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but I gotta tell you, I loved Phillip.


He was so sweet and so gentle.  He didn’t pull on the leash AT ALL, and he was super calm despite being barked at by 100 dogs in their cages as we walked back to the play area.  His fur is so soft!!  And how gorgeous is he?!?  More info on Phillip can be found here.

My other favorite was Boo.


She is such a love bug!!  She loved running around the play area with me.  But all she wanted most was a little affection.  I petted her and told her what a good girl she is, and I was rewarded with big, happy smiles and a couple sloppery kisses.  I hope she finds a great family who will shower her with kisses and belly rubs.  More info on Boo is here.

If you live near LA and are interested in adopting a furry buddy, Best Friends Animal Society has a bunch of awesome ones waiting for you!  Check out the dogs or the cats.


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