Warm Fuzzies

It’s been pretty quiet in my neck of the woods today, but I’ve still been busy.  Aside from the ongoing items on my to-do list (plan a cross country road trip, plan a business), today’s project is switching out old photos in my living room.  I have several photo collages and some hanging framed pictures that need changed.  My ex-boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago, and I decided it was (finally) time to switch out the old photos.  (Side note: Don’t read into this, guys.  The reason I haven’t changed photos yet is because I’m lazy.  Truly…)

But I was going through Facebook photos and pictures on my computer from the last few years, and it brought back lots of memories.  Turns out it was a fun project after all!  Ahhhh….

I can’t exactly share my memories with you, but I can share an awesome video that will make you go “Awwww” and giggle and feel warm, fuzzy feelings, too.  Happy viewing!



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