TBT… sorta

So you know how on social media sites, “Throwback Thursday” or “TBT” is a thing?  Complete with hashtags and all?  I had my own throwback experience recently.  But not in a good way.

I was walking my dog around my neighborhood.  She was just finishing up a short pee on my neighbor’s yard when the neighbor came out of her house.  Inwardly, I cringed.  I know she has to pee somewhere (duh!), but I generally try to encourage her not to pee on lawns in front of the actual homeowner.  It’s often a little awkward.  And this case was no different.  Here’s what happened.

Grouchy Neighbor: Aren’t you going to pick that up?

Me: Huh?

Neighbor: Aren’t you going to clean up after your dog?

Me: What?  No, it’s just pee.  She’s a girl dog.

Neighbor glowers suspiciously.

Me:   She just peed.  That’s all. [considers going into a discussion of how girl dogs and boy dogs have different, uh, anatomies, so they pee differently, just like male and female humans.]

More glowering.

Me:  [growing increasingly terrified.  decides to skip the discussion.  50-year-old cranky lady probably knows about the birds and the bees.]  See, look, I have poop bags.  [waves roll of poop bags in the air.]  I always pick up after her, but in this case she just peed.

Neighbor: Don’t let her do, whatever, on my lawn any more.

Me: [still hopelessly intimidated] Ok, sorry.  Come on, Akela!  [drags away poor unsuspecting dog who just wants to sniff the angry lady’s yard]


Anyway, I totally felt like a little kid who had just gotten in trouble.  As a kid, I always hated being scolded.  One time in second grade, I was talking during story time, and my teacher sent me to my desk.  I tried to hide my face underneath the desk, and I just cried.  Ten minutes later, when story time was over, I hid in the bathroom, still sobbing uncontrollably.

But I’m a grown woman, and this lady was just mean and cranky.  Ugh.  And she has an ugly lawn.  Seriously.  It’s half dead, and the other half is mostly weeds.  [sticks tongue out at mean lady]


2 thoughts on “TBT… sorta

  1. I have those thoughts dog walking. So far so good, no one’s ever said anything. But I too try to keep the dogs out of a person’s yard. I carry a small bottle of water with me 1) if the dog needs water 2) to wash any lingering poo or pee. Dog pee can kill grass and plants. I also hate how many people do not pick up after their dogs and am always afraid someone’s going to blame me and my dog. I’ve even picked up other dog’s poo because the dog I’m walking has pooed next to it. That said, that IS a cranky old woman. TTHHRRPPPTTTTT at her! Nah!

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