‘Tis the Season?

In addition to all my fun chores over the weekend, I also went out for a super nice fondue dinner with a friend from college.  We had a blast!!  Everything was so yummy, and it was really fun to catch up and have some good girl talk.  What was interesting was that the restaurant was already playing holiday music!

Now, in my family, we always waited until Thanksgiving was over before we put up the Christmas decorations.  The tradition was turkey, then Black Friday shopping, and only once that was done did the tree* and ornaments make it down from the attic.  Anything before that just seemed sorta… sacrilegious.  It’s a reasonable rule.**  Thanksgiving already has “middle sibling” issues, since it’s sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus, depending on what you celebrate).  In all the stores, the Christmas merchandise goes on sale so early.  Poor Thanksgiving, always getting shafted in favor of conning people into spending more money on the more lucrative holiday.  It only seems fair to give Thanksgiving its due before putting up decorations for the next celebration.

But not this year!  The cheesy holiday music at the fondue restaurant got me into the Christmas spirit early.  So guess who spent a couple of hours putting up decorations and hanging ornaments already.  That’s right.  This girl.  [points to self]  And I’m only slightly embarrassed to publicly admit it.



* Obviously a fake Christmas tree.  Some of us have allergies to the real deal.

**The other unwritten rule in our household is that everybody has to order a different dish if we go out to a restaurant.  We’re all pretty good share-ers so this means that we get to try different things.  Plus, my dad always used to finish everybody’s plate when we were all full, and he wanted a variety.  (Now, he’s cut back on the calorie intake, so he still grazes, but he doesn’t necessarily clean all our plates.)


One thought on “‘Tis the Season?

  1. Every year the Christmas promotions start earlier it seems. I was at Target looking for Halloween decorations (before Halloween) and they already had some Christmas stuff out! Crazy!

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