It’s About Time

Warning: I’m gonna get esoteric here.


If you think about it, the way in which humans delineate time is sorta arbitrary.  I will agree that, yes, it makes sense that we have a unit of measure to describe the cycle of light and dark (i.e., a day) or the journey around the sun (i.e., a year).  But humans only have those concepts because somewhere, a long while back, our ancient ancestors got together and agreed to certain units of measure.  They created a term for “day” and used it as a frame of reference.  How would we perceive time if we didn’t have those constructs?  Would we still think it’s linear?  Is it me, or is time somehow moving faster?  It’s crazy that it’s already December, y’all…

The other thing that gets me is Daylight Saving Time.  Again, a human invention and rather arbitrary.  Does it really help increase productivity in the evenings?  Personally, my internal clock got thrown off when we switched our clocks back from DST to Standard Time a few weeks ago.  I don’t like that it gets dark so early now.  I feel so discombobulated.  And after dark, I get pretty useless, so I am decidedly less productive.  Can we pick one time and stick with it?  Ugh.

Rant over.


Anyhoo… speaking of the passage of time, a little while ago, this little blog had its 1 month anniversary, and I totally didn’t even realize it until now.  Happy anniversary, dear readers!


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