Time Again… and Wine

Yesterday, I published a little rant about time.  Clearly, my perception of time is subjective, as evidenced by the 7 bottles of wine I acquired over the weekend.

Wait, wait, I can explain that better so it doesn’t sound like I’m a giant lush.  Let’s rewind…

One of the awesome things about living in California is wine country.  Yes, there’s THE wine country (Napa and Sonoma), but even here in SoCal, we have some yummy local wineries.  It’s a quick jaunt from LA to Malibu, where there are a good handful of wineries for your bacchanalian pleasure.  But I actually prefer the wines in Temecula, which is unfortunately a longer drive, but well worth it a couple times a year.

Earlier this year, I joined a wine club.  The way it works is that you agree to buy a certain number of wines per month, or bi-monthly, and you get them at a discount.  Plus certain perks at the winery.  For example, I got a free glass of wine for myself and a guest every time I visited, plus there are special members-only events and areas on the patio.  I love to cook, and I love having a nice glass of wine with a special dinner, so it seemed like a great idea!

And then I became single.  I still cook fancy dinners for myself, but I can’t finish an entire bottle of wine alone, even spread out over a few nights.  (I’m pretty small, and my alcohol tolerance, which was never that high to begin with, has definitely decreased since college.  What can I say, I’m a cheap date.)

Understandably, I decided to cancel the wine club.  However, before I did that, I had to drive down to Temecula to pick up the last few months’ bottles of wine waiting for me at the winery.  I thought there would be 4 bottles waiting for me (2 bottles of wine every other month), but whoops, I was off by 2 entire months: there were 6 bottles.  Plus, I had already purchased a bottle at a different winery.

And that is how my mistaken perception of time resulted in the 7 new bottles of wine currently populating my fridge and liquor cabinet.  Now, who wants to come help me drink it?




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