I have an occasional nocturnal visitor that shuffles around in the crawlspace underneath my house.  Sometimes I can hear him scratching at the pipes.  On occasion, I’ve caught cats, racoons, opossums, and even a skunk in my backyard so I’m not sure who the visitor is.  I probably wouldn’t mind so much except that I had an encounter with mice in my house last spring.  (My landlords were super blasé about the whole thing.  Their response: “It’s LA.  Everybody has mice at some point.”  Um, no.  Gonna disagree there.)  I’m paranoid that my noctural critter is going to climb up the pipes or electrical wiring, invade the house, break into my food, poop all over, and reproduce at an alarming rate.  (Again.)

The other night, I sat bolt upright in bed at 3 am, convinced there was something scratching on the floor in the attic.  I’m embarrassed to admit I was basically panicking.  I couldn’t sleep, listening to every little noise: my dog shifting position, the house settling, the heater making popping sounds.  I was convinced it was mice or rats or something even worse.

The neighbor whose property backs up to mine has a chain link fence covered with this green mesh thing that helps me not see how dilapidated their backyard is.  (The property is under renovation.)  My landlords installed a wooden fence at the back of my deck, leaving a foot(ish) of space between the two fences.  I’m guessing the critter is shimmying between the two fences and climbing underneath the deck that way.

Yesterday, I decided I’d had enough of the sleepless nights.  I dropped several pieces of plywood vertically between the 2 fences to serve as a barrier against the deck.  Of course they didn’t fall perfectly into place, so I then squeezed between the 2 fences (it was um, cozy) to wedge the plywood into the dirt and next to the deck.  After I had the first piece in place I looked at the next to strategize, and I didn’t see the top of the chain link fence (the twisted metal part) sticking out at a 90 degree angle.

So now I have a 2 inch gash on my forehead.  It’s super sexy.

(Side note: I am incredibly grateful that it is my forehead and not my eyeball.  Also glad I got a tetanus shot in 2012.)

I saw a friend yesterday evening, who understandably asked, “What happened to your face?”  When I told her I had a run-in with a fence, her next question was, “Were you drunk?”

Ummm… no.  Just klutzy.  Oopsies indeed.


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