Day 1: What Was I Thinking??

Just kidding… kinda.

States visited: California, Arizona, New Mexico

Miles Driven: 717

Of course I left my house late.  I told myself I was gonna leave at 7 am, and I figured that meant I would ACTUALLY leave at 7:30, but no, I left at 8.  Whoopsies.  I managed to get stuck in 2 traffic jams before my LA radio station lost reception. In the Inland Empire (sprawling cities, one after another east of LA), it was super duper windy.


Duh.  My car has been blowing around for 45 minutes now.

However, all that wind was generating a ton of green electricity.  Yay eco-friendly power!  There are rows and rows and rows of wind turbines on the way into Palm Springs.

Pancho Villa would be so confused.

Don Quixote would be so confused.

I realized at a rest stop about halfway to the Arizona border that I forgot a jacket I meant to take.  I’d packed sweaters for light chill and a puffy coat for walking my dog when it’s 30 degrees, but my in-between-temperatures jacket is still on my coat rack by the front door.  Le sigh.

Yep.  Akela thinks it looks desert-y.  Yawn.

At the rest stop where I had my sad epiphany. Akela thinks it looks desert-y. Yawn.

Still, onward and upward.  To Arizona we go.

3/4 of the state had really nice paved highway.  The other 1/4 was a 45 mph work zone.

Hooray for the 75 mph speed limit!  We’re really making progress now!!

3/4 of the state had a really nice paved I-10 freeway.  The other 1/4 was a 45 mph work zone.  Ack.

Hmm... Arizona looks a lot like California so far.

Hmm… Arizona looks a lot like California so far.

Driving through eastern California, I got pretty bored and started wondering how on earth I was going to make it across the entire country.  But somewhere on the way into Phoenix, I really hit my stride.  We slowed for a little traffic in town, but nothing too disastrous.  If we hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have been tempted to take an alternate route though Globe, AZ.  I worked on a movie there a couple years ago, and there was THE. BEST. BBQ. at a restaurant there.  Drool.

So close... and yet so far...  (Sorry it's blurry)

So close… and yet so far… (Sorry it’s blurry)

Once we got out of Phoenix, the sun was setting, making for some very pretty photo ops.

Pretty colors!

Pretty colors!

Oooh Aaahh

Oooh Aaahh

Right by the AZ/NM border, I passed a huge semi truck going the other direction carrying what looked like a giant UFO or perhaps an upside down satellite dish.  It was taking up both lanes of the freeway and was accompanied by a police escort.  I have no idea what that was about.  Weird.

By that time it was dark so I didn’t take any more pictures, but we can all pretend I took this photo:

Another state!  Hooray!!

Another state! Hooray!!

So now you’re up to date on our adventures.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s saga!


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