Day 3: My Butt is Asleep

After a good night’s sleep (finally!) in San Antonio, I took advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel before we headed out.  As I packed the car, I noticed that aside from my zippy, sporty car, there was one minivan, and the rest of the parking lot was full of pick up trucks.  I kid you not.  Allllll pick up trucks.  Welcome to Texas, y’all.

East of San Antonio, this is kinda what it looked like.


There were occasional cows. And truck stops.  And I saw a chicken farm at one point, too.  But this was mostly my view.


Until I got to Houston.  Civilization!


Skyline over my dashboard


Continuing eastward, there was a sign for the “Old and Lost River.”

Confession: I just liked the name.

Confession: I just liked the name.  I didn’t grab my camera in time to capture a picture of the sign, so here’s the river itself.


I kept seeing more bodies of water as I got further east.  Then:

This means I'm getting closer!

This means I’m getting closer!


Also, there were more trees.

Awwww... just like home.  Ugh.

Betcha never seen trees before, huh?


As expected, it got dark.  As I didn’t expect, I hit horrible traffic heading into Baton Rouge.  On a bridge heading into town over the Mississippi River, the interstate turned into a parking lot.  Whichever civil engineer designed that interchange needs a swift kick in the rear.  Bad idea merging all the traffic on the I-10 east into one lane.

Ahh, just like home.  :-P  Also, you can't tell, but I'm on a bridge over the Mississippi River.

Ahh, parked on the I-10, just like home. 


Finally, I made it to my sister and brother-in-law’s house in New Orleans.  Hurrah!!  And my sis made a yummy dinner complete with vegetables!  Those aren’t served at the fast food establishments I’ve been frequenting on this trip.  Yay vegetables!!  My mom must be so proud.

All in all, it was a pretty uneventful day.  The worst things I dealt with were traffic and my butt falling asleep.  (Constantly.)  But you know what, I don’t have to drive all day tomorrow!  My butt has time to recover!  And sometimes uneventful days are good.  🙂


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