Day 4: New Orleans

I had a lovely day off from driving!  After 3 straight days of sitting in my car, it was the perfect time for something different.  We had a leisurely morning, and then my sister and I went down to the French Quarter for sushi, strolling around, and some epic people-watching.  New Orleans is a cool town.  I can dig it.

My car also needed a little attention, since the “Maintenance Required” light came on yesterday.  So she got an oil change and tire rotation, and she’ll be ready to hit the ground running (rolling?) tomorrow morning.

While I was driving through Texas previously, I developed a hankerin’ for some good ol’ BBQ, but I didn’t want to stop and take the time to eat.  But then my prayers were magically answered.  My brother-in-law had the genius idea to go get BBQ for dinner (I didn’t even have to ask!), and oh boy was it delicious.  Mmmmm…  Droooool…

I think my dog Akela also likes New Orleans.  There are all sorts of new smells here to investigate, and my sister/brother-in-law’s house backs up to this community baseball field-turned-dog park.  Akela definitely enjoyed running around off leash.  She tried to herd a Welsh Corgi, and there was epic cuteness.

Still, we drifters have to hit the road again for more adventures.  Next up, to Grandmother’s house we go!  (Why yes, it is, in fact, over a river and through some woods.)  It’s just a 9-10 hour drive to get there.  But it’ll be worth it!


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