Day 5: Smells Like Old People

Hello Readers!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I know I did!!  Let me catch you up!

Road Trip Day 5

States Visited: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida

Miles Driven: 654

My sister and I hit the road and headed from New Orleans to Central Florida, where my Grandma lives.  The first state we hit was Mississippi.

Fun to say and fun to spell

Fun to say and fun to spell


I’ve heard people say that Mississippi is a little backwards.  After seeing this, I’d believe it…



We got a little closer…

Well, it's not coming towards us, so that's good.

Well, it’s not coming towards us, so that’s good.

We were moving faster than the backwards truck, so we went to pass it.

Ah, mystery solved.  Whew!

Ah, mystery solved. Whew!



Next up was Alabama!




Did you know that Alabama is home to basically the best truck stop in the world?  Yes!  See, my sister and I both have to pee lot, so we are connoisseurs of rest stops and bathrooms.

Oooh aaaah

The Oasis Travel Center.  Oooh aaaah.


This picture sums up the topography around I-10 that we saw all day:

Flat with trees

Flat with trees.  I can’t really remember which state this photo is from, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  They all looked like this.


Alabama is also home to the Battleship Alabama, which you can see from the highway.

Nice, huh?

Nice, huh?


And then the heavens opened up, and a chorus of angels sang, “Hallelujah!” and we saw:

My home state!

My home state!


To celebrate, we stopped at Whataburger and got chicken.  What can I say, we’re rebels!

♫♪♫ B-b-b-bad to the bone. ♫♪♫


We did the Florida State tomahawk chop through Tallahassee and then turned south down I-75, and we did it again even harder through Gainesville.  (No, I didn’t go to FSU, but everyone else in my family did, so they’re my 2nd favorite school.  A close 2nd!  The fight song is the first song I learned as a tiny tot.  And their football team is good this year, so hurrah!  Also, boooo Gators!)

Eventually, around 10 pm, we reached Grandma’s house.  I’m not sure how I messed up the math and how it took us SO DARN LONG to get there!  Yikes…

My grandma lives in a retirement community, surrounded by super nice neighbors.  It’s basically like summer camp for old people, with organized outings and activities and a big cafeteria where everybody goes for meals together.  It’s a pretty nice place.  I’d want to live there if I were old!

Anyway, I sure was happy to see the old folks’ home!!  Glad we finally made it!


Over the next couple days, I will catch you all up on our adventures in Florida.  Have a great day!!


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