Day 6: G-ma and the Fam

(Does that sound like a band name?  Probably not a GOOD band name but it could maybe be a one-hit wonder.  Maybe?  Anyone?  Bueller?  <<crickets>>)


Road trip day 6 was another day off from driving.  Wheee!  As the post title suggests, we spent the day hanging out with Grandma (who apparently really likes the nickname “G-ma,” according to my sister) and the rest of the family.  As regular readers may remember, my grandma lives in a senior citizen community that I call “summer camp for old people,” with all sorts of activities: art classes, shopping trips to Publix (grocery store)/Walgreens (drug store), water aerobics, field trips to look at people’s Christmas lights/movies/etc, several on-site libraries, a beauty parlor/barber shop, bingo and board games.  It sounds pretty awesome.

Day 6 started with a lazy morning.  My great-aunt (G-ma’s younger sister) came over for a visit, which was so nice.  At 11:30, we all started making our way to the dining room (have to get there early! lol) for lunch.  Grandma enjoyed showing us off to all her friends.  After lunch, we got the tour of the facilities.  Grandma scooted around on her walker, and the rest of us followed behind.  After a short visit with my great-aunt, G-ma was pooped.  She has pretty intense arthritis and back problems, and it had been awhile since she was out and about, so we probably tired her out.  Nap time!

My uncle’s birthday was a few days earlier, so the entire family was gathering at a local chain restaurant for dinner.  All in all, there were 14 of us!  I think the last time all of us were together was at my cousin’s wedding about 15 years ago.  (And technically ALL of us weren’t together because 4 of the people at the table hadn’t been born yet, and the other cousin hadn’t met his wife yet…)  Wow.  It was so nice to get to see my cousins and their kids.  Because of facebook, I feel like I know what’s going on in their lives, but it was even better to see everyone in person.  My cousins’ kids are so big now!  They’re real little people with opinions and personalities instead of babies and toddlers!!

All this sitting and driving and eating unhealthy food right before the holidays is making me sorta antsy.  I can’t wait to get to my parents’ house and settle in.  And walk the dog and eat yummy healthy food and sleep in my bed and not live out of a suitcase…

Tomorrow!  That will all start tomorrow!


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