Day 7: Home Again, Home Again (Jiggity Jig)

States visited: Just Florida

Miles driven: 204

We had a really nice visit with Grandma.  She told us stories about life in Indiana before the family moved down to Florida for my Grandpa’s health.  Apparently she had to kill, pluck, and cook 5 chickens a day to make a big lunch for all the farmhands.  Yikes!!  I think I’d be a vegetarian if I had to do that.  Also, one day when she was out on the farm working, she came back to the house to discover that my mom and aunt had eaten an entire stick of butter!  Eww…

However, my dad had to go to New York for work, so my sister and I cut our visit a day short with Grandma in order to spend time with him before he leaves.  We stayed for lunch in the dining room with all of G-ma’s friends, showed her how to Skype with her brother (and then helped him via phone when he had problems with his video), packed the car, and headed south.

The middle of Florida is pretty boring.

It's so flat!

It’s so flat!


Although, I guess the occasional orange grove is pretty exciting if you’re not from around here.

Mmm oranges

Mmm oranges


However, you really know you’re in Florida when…

Gator jerky!

Gator jerky!


Seriously, this is the biggest mountain in Florida:

Mount Trashmore.  It has a particularly lovely aroma.

Mount Trashmore. It has a particularly lovely aroma.


Fortunately, day 7’s driving schedule was pretty short.  My butt didn’t even fall asleep!  But after driving 2,800 miles across the good ol’ US of A, you bet your sweet patootey I was SO ecstatic to reach my destination.

Ahhhhhh…  HOME!!


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