Going Through Withdrawal

I drove 2,800 miles across the country, with nary a hiccup (except for my trunk freezing closed overnight in New Mexico but that really wasn’t so bad since it unfroze later the same day).  But then tragedy struck shortly after I pulled into the driveway at my dad’s house.  In my haste to grab everything and get out of the car, I quickly shoved my bottle of water in my purse.  After I hugged my mom and dad, I realized that my purse was dripping.  I hadn’t screwed the lid on my water tight enough!

At first, there didn’t seem to be any major casualties.  I dried out my purse and went out to a yummy dinner with the family.  It wasn’t until later that I realized my cell phone wasn’t working properly.  When I poked at the touch screen, nothing happened.  The buttons seemed to work, but not the screen.  I turned it off and tried to turn it back on.

Then I tried to turn it back on again.

And again.

And again.

Now my phone won’t turn on at all, and it’s been 3 days.  Aaaargh!  According to the sticker behind the battery, there hasn’t been water damage.  But it doesn’t work!!!  The red light just flashes.

Fortunately, I was able to slip my SIM card into my dad’s old phone.  Unfortunately, it’s practically a dinosaur.  (OK, I’m being dramatic here, but that’s what it feels like.  I have to press the “2” three times to type a “C”!!!  It takes me 10 minutes to text what I could have typed in less than 10 seconds on my pre-water damaged phone.)

I didn’t realize how reliant I was on my smartphone and all its amazing apps until I didn’t have a smartphone with amazing apps.  I can’t hop on the internet to learn the answers to my burning questions.  I can’t chart a route with the GPS feature.  And I have to wait until I’m in front of my computer to check emails or facebook.  Baaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!  Withdrawal hurts.  Sniffle.  Sniff.

Hopefully Santa will bring me a new phone for Christmas.  I think I’ve been good this year.


One thought on “Going Through Withdrawal

  1. OMG! That same exact thing has happened to me! I’m so sorry. It is amazing we ever got on without smart phones. Sometimes it’s good to have a forced break. But I hope Santa does bring you a new phone! Happy Holiday…

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