Akela the reindeer dog says, “What up homies?  Who’s got leftovers to share?”

What up readers?

She also says, “Get these stupid antlers off me!!”*


Hope you all had a great holiday and/or a great nonreligious day off.  For a lot of people, today marks the return to normalcy.  The frenzy of Christmas planning, shopping, baking, wrapping, unwrapping, cooking, and eating is over, and it’s back to the grind.  (Except for holiday leftovers…  The eating of various treats and leftovers will continue a little while…)  For others who are lucky to have an extended winter break, it’s just time to count down the days till New Year’s.

For me, it’s a time to buckle down and refocus on my goal for 2014: opening my own business.  Between various holidays and driving across the country, I’ve been absorbed in planning and driving and, well, basically what I just described as the Christmas frenzy.  But the best part about coming home to Florida for the holidays is catching up with friends and family I don’t see very often.  As a result of our gabbing, I’ve been describing my future business plans and getting excited about them all over again.  (Well, and also a little nervous.  It’s a BIG career change for me, but one I feel compelled and inspired to implement.)

I know it’s a little early to make New Year’s resolutions, but I say there’s no time like the present!  So I’m gonna ride this wave of momentum and hopefully get a lot done over the next week, so that maybe, just maybe, by New Year’s, I will have a lot of research under my belt and hopefully more definite plans.

What about you guys?  Have you started thinking about New Year’s resolutions?  Does anyone even make them anymore?  I historically haven’t, but I think this 2013-14 transition is gonna be different for me.  I think there’s some good stuff on the horizon.  I’m looking forward to it!



*No dogs were actually traumatized in the making of this photo.  However, one was bribed with yummy treats to sit, stay, and not to shake off the antlers.


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