Margaritas! (And Scandalousness?)

So…  I got my margarita.  Mmmm…

Cheers!  Or as they say in Mexico, salud!

Cheers! Or as they say in Mexico, salud!

I deserved it!  🙂


Also, a funny side note.  I picked up a handful of free, ahem, newspapers to use as packaging material.  To paint a picture, I’ll tell you that the paper is called the LA X…Press.  Emphasis on the “X” here, folks.

My breakable decorative items are in a box, wrapped in pictures of scantily-clad tranny hookers.  Oh my…


The Joys of Moving

I’m kind of organized by nature.  (I can’t help it; my parents are/were both accountants.  I didn’t stand a chance.)  I like making lists.  Even more than making lists, I love crossing off items on my To Do list.  Confession: sometimes I will even write stuff on my To Do list that I’ve already accomplished, just so I can cross them off and feel productive.  Go me!

So while I was enroute from Florida to California yesterday, I broke down my moving process into smaller tasks, and then I scheduled each task on different days.  For example, Wednesday was all about reserving a storage unit, procuring boxes and moving supplies, replacing the vertical blinds my dog chewed, and starting to pack the little things, like pictures and knick-knacks.  Thursday is about packing books, clothes, and documents/records; changing addresses; and scheduling utilities to be turned off.  I will probably also need to make another Home Depot run for paint and supplies.  (I’m also going to one last dinner with a group of friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  They have awesome margaritas.  Mmmm… margaritas!)

Exciting, right?  Right??


Whatever.  😛

Well, regardless of your lack of enthusiasm, I’m happy to report I’m ahead of schedule on my oh-so-anal moving itinerary.  That deserves a margarita!

Being Bicoastal

I’m happy to report, dear readers, that I safely made it back to LA from South Florida.  Flying this time… not driving.  Usually I prefer an hour in between flights if I have to change planes, but today I had a 45-minute connection in Houston.  It’s not a super huge airport, so I thought it would be okay.

But then my 1st flight was delayed half an hour.

And the flight crew made an announcement that Houston was about to experience snowstorms, like, any second now, and that it was possible that some flights were going to be cancelled or delayed.

Oh boy!

Fortunately, it was a false alarm.  I had no trouble making my connection.  I power-walked across the terminal, and I even had a whole 3 minutes to stand at the gate before they boarded my group!  (They did have to de-ice the plane before takeoff, but it was a very anticlimactic process.)  I wish I’d had enough time to grab food, but I had to settle for the snacks I’d brought to tide me over.  After I landed at LAX and picked up my rental car, I made a beeline for the nearest Trader Joe’s to pick up some dinner.  Much better.

Now I’m back in my house for the real fun: packing, sorting, cleaning, storing.  It was weird walking in the front door–everything sort of felt foreign.  I guess it’s not so bad that it doesn’t feel like “home” anymore, since I’m moving out…

Bad Blogger

I’ve been REEEEALLY bad about regular blogging lately.  Life is a little topsy turvey at the moment, so I’m hoping to return to our normal blogging schedule soon.  I apologize for the erratic-ness.  Please bear with me.

Currently, I’m about to fly back to LA.  I have almost exactly one week to pack up all my belongings, put them in storage, clean my house, and say goodbye to my friends.

So far I’ve got my flights booked, my rental car booked, a storage unit on hold (that I have to visit to confirm), and a hotel by the airport booked for the last night, since I will have exactly zero furniture or linens in my house at that time.

I still have no idea how I’m going to get all my furniture from point A (my house) to point B (storage) because I sure can’t lift a couch by myself.  My friends are sick of helping each other move, so I’m afraid to ask.  Hmmm…

Can she pull it off, folks?  Stay tuned.  We’ll find out…

‘Tis the Reason

After my bombshell announcement yesterday that I was moving back home as a 30-year-old adult (hey, it’s dramatic to me), I thought I might explain myself further.

After 6-7 years in showbiz, I’m calling it quits.  At least for a little while.  (But that might be what I’m telling myself so it doesn’t seem like such a drastic change.  Who knows?)

Regular readers of Thought of the Day Blog might remember that my new dream is to open my own business.  This is still true, although so far I haven’t shared with you many specifics.  Here goes:

I want to open a tea shop.


Not just any tea shop, mind you.  I have all sorts of awesome ideas on how to bring people together.  I want my future tea shop to be a place where customers can leave their problems at the door, and come in for some good ol’ TLC.

So… part of the reason why I moved home is because I got a job working in a tea shop in South Florida near my dad’s house.  The owner is a super awesome lady, and she knows I want to open my own place at some point, so there’s no hidden agenda on my part.  She’s gonna teach me all about the tea industry.  She just made me promise not to steal her secrets.  (No problem.  I would never do that anyway!!!)

I’ve just started work, and I really like it a lot.  I definitely have a ton to learn, but I was able to jump right into the swing of things in some cases, too.  I’m looking forward to mastering the tea list and knowing all about the products for sale.  It feels like a nice confirmation that I made the right decision.


I hope you have a great weekend, blog friends!  Hope you have fun things ahead to look forward to, too!!



Didja Miss Me?

You may be wondering to yourself, “Hey, whatever happened to that Thought of the Day Blog girl?  Did she fall off the face of the planet?  Is she not having any thoughts??”

Uhh, sorry folks.

I DID fall off the face of the planet, and it wasn’t because I was out of thoughts.  In fact, I was having lots of thoughts.

My thoughts led me to the conclusion that I am going to move back to Florida for awhile.

Backstory: I grew up in South Florida, but I’ve lived in LA for the past 11 1/2 years, working in the film/tv industry after I graduated college.  I had an epiphany a few months ago.  I don’t want to do that any more.  As much as I liked my job, I didn’t LOVE it enough to endure all the crazy hours and crazy people for the rest of my life.  80 hour work-weeks are not uncommon.  In fact, on my last tv show it was the norm for a lot of people.  And when you’re not working at a furious pace, you’re wondering where your next paycheck is coming from.  So stressful.  So incredibly stressful.  I needed a sense of balance in my life.

So thank you for bearing with me during what was definitely not an easy decision.  It feels a lot like a step backwards, to move back home as an adult after being in the workforce for years, but I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize and tell myself that it’s going to pay off in the long run.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know!


I was perusing my computer and the interwebz in search of blog post ideas.  When your blog is entitled Thought of the Day Blog, there are a lot of daily thoughts to catalogue.  Sometimes I run short on new ideas (and this is only blog post #60.  Wow.).  Then, as I was re-reading my “Bucket List” document, I realized it was Throwback Thursday, or #TBT if you will.

One of the items on my bucket list (#22 if you want to be specific) is to visit Europe again.  My ex-boyfriend and I actually had a “Europe fund” where we would each put $20-100/month in an old coffee can to save up for our trip, depending on how rich or poor we were at the time.  However, he and I split up, and I definitely lived off my half of the Europe fund for awhile.  And I’m starting my own business, so a trip overseas is not currently on my radar.

But… for TBT I can reminisce about my last trip to Europe, in 2005!  I was in college, and I spent 6 weeks studying at the Universite de Bourgogne, in Dijon, France.  My mom and I flew out a couple weeks early, and we spent time in Italy and Switzerland before she dropped me off in France.

One weekend some students in the study abroad program and I took a side trip to visit chateaux in the Loire Valley.

A friend and I having fun with the props for kiddos

A friend and I having fun with the props for kiddos


But most of the 6 weeks were spent in Dijon.  I lived with a really nice French lady who was a hoot and a half.  This was the view out the window my room.  In the mornings I could smell fresh bread baking from the boulangerie down the street.

Dijon view

I’m drooling just thinking about those fresh baguettes.


After my summer classes were over, my dad and I met up in Paris, and we spent a week and a half touring France.  It was epic.  I can’t wait to go back again someday!!




Conscious Consuming

One of the things that is most important to me is being healthy.  When you feel good, you feel good, right??  Everybody knows that the building blocks of health include proper diet and exercise, but there is a lot of discrepancy among the experts as to exactly what the “best” ways to eat (low fat? low carb? vegan?) and work out (running? Cross Fit? weight training? yoga?) are.

By my line of reasoning, if you begin with high quality foods, minimally processed, and chock-full o’ nutritional goodies (like protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals, etc), that is a great way to start eating healthy.

Yesterday, I found an article by The Huffington Post that pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of how I want to source my food.  It’s by Nicolette Hahn Niman and it’s called “Avoiding Factory Farm Foods: An Eater’s Guide.”  I consider myself pretty educated on a lot of health food issues, but I still managed to learn some new things.

Rather than blabbering on and on about ethical sources of meat and animal products, I’ll just let Mrs. Niman take it away.  If you’re interested, follow the link above!


You know how when you’re really happy and really excited about something, you don’t sleep?  Like, when you were a little kid, and it was the night before something wonderful, like Santa is going to come and leave you presents, or your family is going to Disney World or Six Flags or something.

A) You just feel like you’re walking on sunshine and you don’t NEED to sleep,


B) You don’t WANT to sleep because you’re just so enjoying being in the moment?

Yeah…  I’m here to tell you that that’s unsustainable.  I think I have a lack-of-sleep hangover.  😛


It was worth it, though.

Living a Little

Happy Monday, folks!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was quite nice.

Do you remember when I wrote about my low-key New Year’s Eve plans and confessed I was totally a boring old lady (even though I’m really not that old yet)?  That’s pretty much par for the course with me.

Well guess what!

I actually went out on Saturday night.  Like, to a restaurant and later a bar… with people my own age!

And you know what?  It was fun!

Maybe this old lady ain’t dead yet!  Whodathunkit?