A Quiet Start to 2014

Hi, dear readers! Did everyone have a happy and safe New Year transition?  Mine was low-key, as is par for the course with me.  It’s not one of my favorite holidays.  I’m not anti-NYE, but I just see it as a silly excuse to party.  And I’ve kind of become a little old lady before my time.  (I’d much rather be cozy at home than go out and get crazy.)  The last several years, right before New Year’s Eve, I’ve flown back to LA from Florida after a holiday visit with my parents.  So my body was still on Eastern Time, and I lamely went to bed even before the tape-delayed Times Square ball drop.

This year, despite being in Florida and not changing any time zones, I think I fell asleep about 5 minutes before midnight.  In my childhood twin bed.  I’m such a wild party animal.

I know there are a lot of people who think that your New Year’s plans set the tone for the rest of the year to follow.  If that’s the case, I wonder what it says about my 2014.  On the surface, it would seem that it’ll be a quiet year.  I even met a local fellow who would have been more than willing to share the traditional midnight kiss.  I probably would have rallied and gone out with him and his friends, except the reason I was so tired was because he and I had spent the two previous evenings hanging out.  <<Grin>>

So maybe, just maybe, there’s a different way of looking at my laid-back NYE plans.  Maybe instead of a boring year, 2014 is going to be about me.  Maybe it’s going to be the year I go after what is meaningful to, and best for, me.  I’m definitely pursuing my dreams this year.  Maybe I’ll finally be able to find a work-home-play balance?  Here’s hoping.

And in case my New Year’s Day plans factor in setting the tone for 2014, I should probably share that I did in fact get to have a date with my gentleman friend.  It was quite lovely.  🙂


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