Northern Lights

Oooh aaah

Oooh aaah


One of the things on my Bucket List (yes, I totally have a list) is to see the Northern Lights (a.k.a. the aurora borealis) someday.  (Although, I’m not especially picky… I could happily see the aurora australis instead and cross it off the list.)  Tonight, it sounds like a lot more places than usual may witness the lights, possibly as far south as Colorado, Illinois, or Iowa.

Apparently, the sun emitted a large solar flare on Tuesday, so the energy from this is reaching Earth today.  It will manifest in increased northern light activity further south.  Hopefully a lot of areas that experienced the chilling polar vortex will be treated to a nice show in the sky.

I’m definitely too far south to witness the splendor.  Boo.  One day, though!!

More information on tonight’s potential light show is here (LA Times story) and here ( article).


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