Being Bicoastal

I’m happy to report, dear readers, that I safely made it back to LA from South Florida.  Flying this time… not driving.  Usually I prefer an hour in between flights if I have to change planes, but today I had a 45-minute connection in Houston.  It’s not a super huge airport, so I thought it would be okay.

But then my 1st flight was delayed half an hour.

And the flight crew made an announcement that Houston was about to experience snowstorms, like, any second now, and that it was possible that some flights were going to be cancelled or delayed.

Oh boy!

Fortunately, it was a false alarm.  I had no trouble making my connection.  I power-walked across the terminal, and I even had a whole 3 minutes to stand at the gate before they boarded my group!  (They did have to de-ice the plane before takeoff, but it was a very anticlimactic process.)  I wish I’d had enough time to grab food, but I had to settle for the snacks I’d brought to tide me over.  After I landed at LAX and picked up my rental car, I made a beeline for the nearest Trader Joe’s to pick up some dinner.  Much better.

Now I’m back in my house for the real fun: packing, sorting, cleaning, storing.  It was weird walking in the front door–everything sort of felt foreign.  I guess it’s not so bad that it doesn’t feel like “home” anymore, since I’m moving out…


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