The Joys of Moving

I’m kind of organized by nature.  (I can’t help it; my parents are/were both accountants.  I didn’t stand a chance.)  I like making lists.  Even more than making lists, I love crossing off items on my To Do list.  Confession: sometimes I will even write stuff on my To Do list that I’ve already accomplished, just so I can cross them off and feel productive.  Go me!

So while I was enroute from Florida to California yesterday, I broke down my moving process into smaller tasks, and then I scheduled each task on different days.  For example, Wednesday was all about reserving a storage unit, procuring boxes and moving supplies, replacing the vertical blinds my dog chewed, and starting to pack the little things, like pictures and knick-knacks.  Thursday is about packing books, clothes, and documents/records; changing addresses; and scheduling utilities to be turned off.  I will probably also need to make another Home Depot run for paint and supplies.  (I’m also going to one last dinner with a group of friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  They have awesome margaritas.  Mmmm… margaritas!)

Exciting, right?  Right??


Whatever.  😛

Well, regardless of your lack of enthusiasm, I’m happy to report I’m ahead of schedule on my oh-so-anal moving itinerary.  That deserves a margarita!


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