Things I Won’t Miss about LaLa Land

Yesterday I posted about all the things I’m going to miss about LA.  However, I have a love/hate relationship with LA.  To balance it all about, there are several things I must mention that I’m decidedly NOT going to miss.  And here they are:


1. The traffic.

All the horror stories you’ve heard about LA traffic are true.  There are way too many people crammed into a relatively spread-out metropolis.  If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, I don’t blame you.  I’ll explain.  LA is “polycentric,” meaning that instead of one single, dominant downtown region, it has many sub-centers with high populations or job densities.  And a lot of people have to drive a good distance from home to work and elsewhere.  This polycentrism spreads traffic out, plus it also makes it more difficult to provide a fast, effective, and well-connected transit network, and it reinforces Angelenos’ car-dependence.  At least according to a study by the Rand corporation.  This translates to lots of people sitting in their cars, stuck in traffic everywhere.  Boo.


2. The smog.

As my plane landed in LA a week or so ago, I could see–ugh!–this blanket of smog sitting on top of the city.  Brown and dirty and unhealthy.  I had to dust extra often because of all the fine particles in the air that get deposited throughout my house when I have the windows open.  Gross.


3. The beaches.

Ok, ok, this is sacrilege, I know.  But, dear readers, remember that I grew up in South Florida, the land of pristine beaches, with year-round warm, sparkling, turquoise water.  The beaches near the LA metro area have brown, cold water that I do not enjoy nearly as much.  Here in Florida, I can swim, kayak, snorkel, the whole nine yards.  I don’t surf, so I can’t miss the bigger Pacific waves.  Florida beaches FTW!


4. The earthquakes.

They terrify me.  The ground is NOT supposed to be rolling underneath your feet.  One time, I called my mom, huddled underneath my desk, convinced I was going to die, because the ground was moving and my apartment building was swaying so much that I felt like I was on a boat.  Thankfully, despite the earthquake lasting what seemed like an ETERNITY, my building did not collapse on me and everything was okay in the end.  Granted, I’m currently in the land of hurricanes, but at least you know when they’re coming so you can prepare/stock up on supplies/evacuate/hunker down.


5. There are barely any left turn signals.

Every time you turn left in an intersection, you take your life into your own hands.  You basically have to ease out into the intersection on the green, patiently wait for the yellow, and then gun it on the red and hope you get out of the intersection in time for the oncoming traffic.  (A few years ago, I got T-boned while making a left hand turn by a lady who ran the red going the opposite direction.  And then she sued me–twice!–in small claims court.  Guess who won both times.  That’s right, me.  Take that, evil lady!)


6. Paying for parking.

Everywhere you go, you have to pay for parking.  Not a fan.


Ummm… so that’s about all I can come up with at the moment.  Apparently there are more things I like about LA than things I dislike.  I guess that’s good, since I’m planning on moving back to Tinseltown in about 6(ish) months, armed with my newfound tea biz knowledge acquired in my job here.





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