My Least Favorite Parts of South Florida

I’m on a roll here with the lists!  But I’ve got one more for you, so bear with me.  Now that I’ve officially (temporarily) moved to South Florida, here are the things I’m the least excited about.


My Least Favorite Parts of South Florida


1.  This definitely needs to make the list, even though I’ve already complained about it this week.

Heat + Humidity = Ugh.

My poor dog is not going to enjoy summer.  The only way we’re going to get through it is if she stops sniffing the pool suspiciously and decides it’s worth a try.


2. I have barely any friends left here.  Despite living in South Florida from ages 0-18, most of my childhood friends aren’t here any more.  They’ve scattered about the country.  I have one good friend from high school who is about 45 minutes away.  She’s a super busy lawyer, though, so it’s hard to coordinate schedules.  But I am going to enjoy hanging out with her regularly again when I do see her!

I am planning on trying to make some new friends as well.  But it’s easier said than done!


3. The Florida mosquitoes LOVE me.  But the feeling is not mutual.  <<scratch scratch scratch>>


4. There are a lot of people in South Florida who suffer from a sense of entitlement and a lack of regard for other people that I believe develops from “affluenza.”  This “me first!” attitude is readily apparent in driving situations or when having to wait in line.  I think people like this exist in most places of the world, but there seems to be a higher concentration of them in certain areas of South Florida.  Not my favorite kind of person.


5. Crazy storms.  Florida is the lighting capital of the U.S., and we get regular brushes with hurricanes.  Oh boy.


6. Snowbirds.  I don’t have a problem with most individuals who decide to spend their colder months in the warm weather of Florida, but en masse, the local population swells during the winter.  This results in much more traffic, longer lines, and longer wait times in restaurants.  I prefer there to be fewer swarms of people.  And cars.  Oh well.  Tourism is good for the economy.  And there’s still less traffic than LA!


7. Drawbridges.  Inevitably, if you’re trying to get to a time-sensitive engagement and have to cross a body of water, that’s when a boat will want to cross, too.  Then you have to wait like 10 minutes for the drawbridge to go up, then the boat crosses, then the drawbridge goes back down, and you are SO late.


8. The overdevelopment.  It makes me really sad when I’m driving around and I see neighborhoods that have sprung up in areas that used to be wild and undeveloped.  Frequently, there are just rows and rows of houses where there used to be plants and animals happily living their lives, blissfully unaware that bulldozers were soon to invade.  Sad times.


To be fair, if I could’ve put “humidity” on my list 10 times, I probably would have.  But it would have been a very boring list.  So I dug around in my brain and came up with a little variety.

I think I’ve exhausted the use of lists on my blog for awhile.  I wonder what my brain will come up with for tomorrow…?  Stay tuned!


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