Stinky Puppy

Ok, you guys.  It’s getting pretty bad.  My dog smells, well, like a dog.  Since she discovered the joys of swimming, she’s periodically been trying to jump in lakes, and apparently my dad let her do it recently.  Pee-yew!

She's also a bed hog, clearly.

She’s also a bed hog, because of course.

It’s bath time.

It was a terrible experience for both of us the last time I tried to bathe her myself, so we’re going to a professional groomer again.  She HATES groomers, and it makes me feel like such a bad mama for dragging her there.  But the alternative (me being in charge of clipping her toenails and expressing her anal glands–um, NO) is not really an option.

To the groomer’s we a-go.  Wish us luck!




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