Happy V-Day!!

Secretly, I’m a 10-year-old.  Oh crap, now my secret’s out.

Anyway, this year I am giving Snoopy Valentines to my (newish) coworkers.

Vday Cards

I’ve only eaten 4 of the chocolates so far. Oh wait, no, make that 5.


My real Valentine is working a double shift today.  (He’s a server at a super awesome, busy, farm-to-table restaurant.)  I’m hoping he’ll make extra tips because people will be ordering extra appetizers and drinks and desserts, and maybe they’ll be in extra generous moods because they’re feeling amorous.  Who knows?  We’re going to do something low-key a different day, which is my preference anyway.

But I’m going to drop off a Snoopy Valentine and a chocolate for him with the hostess so he gets it at the beginning of his shift.  Shhh… don’t tell him!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Regardless of your relationship status, I hope you all have a good weekend with lots of love!!




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