Update: Tea and Presidents

Hiya!  Hope everybody had a nice weekend!!  Was it a looong, 3 day weekend?  Yeah, me neither.  Those lucky kids and postal workers and bank tellers who didn’t have to go into work/school yesterday!  Thanks presidents!!  Although I’m not sure which presidents to thank

I don’t exactly have weekends off in my job as a “tea tender” (get it? like bartender but with tea?? I just learned this title and think it’s awesome.  And I do get to fix people a drink and occasionally listen to their problems.  Tea tender.  <<chortles>>  That’s genius).  ANYhoo, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off.  But the nice thing about that is that Monday is kinda = my Friday.  So I can enjoy it, probably more than most people with regular work schedules.  (They’re the ones that come in on Mondays, looking bleary-eyed, requesting larger coffees and extra shots of espresso in their lattes.)

Yesterday at the tea shop was rather slow.  I think a lot of customers were thrown off by the semi-holiday status, in that most people still had to work but the kids were off school.  I think people were trying to entertain their kids instead of coming in to visit us and get tea (and coffee and baked goods and yummy sammiches.)  Oh well.  I got to chat a little longer than usual with some nice folks, which was cool, too.  And the ones we did get were pretty good tippers.  Yay!  Saving up for my own tea shop one day!!


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