TBT Take Two

When I packed all my stuff into storage in LA in preparation for my big move to Florida for 6 months, I discovered 3 rolls of film in my desk.  Film!?! you say.  That stuff still exists?  Why yes.  35 mm film, to be exact.

This stuff



So while I was still in LA, I brought the film down the street to my local CVS to be developed.  I was curious.  I had joined the digital camera revolution many years back, so I had no idea what was on the rolls, or cassettes as they’re apparently called.

After waiting about 15 minutes for an actual human to help me (I really disliked that drug store!), the employee informed me that they sent out the photos for processing, and it would take about 2-3 weeks.

*Record scratch*

2-3 weeks?  I was only in LA 4 more days.  Dang.

Well, I schlepped the film back to Florida (in my carry-on luggage! not the checked bag exposed to those super-strength x-rays!), dropped them off at Walgreens (only had to wait 10 minutes for a human this time!), and picked them up one week and $40 later.

One of the rolls was completely unuseable.  I think it was the one that hadn’t been in a plastic, airtight canister for 8 years.  Oops.

The other two were pictures from college!  Awww!!  What a good Throwback Thursday!!

Here’s a couple of my dance rehearsal from 2006 for your amusement.  They are sufficently blurry and grainy (and oddly brownish) to look ancient:

ducks 1

So dramatic, y'all...

So dramatic, y’all…


Good times…





2 thoughts on “TBT Take Two

  1. I still have some cassettes of unexposed 35mm film. I should shoot them (yes I still have a SRL camera!) And see what comes of it. Good to know CVS and Walgreens still develops film. I’ve been digital for a long time too!

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