Ah-maze-ing Adventures

Anticipating a leisurely, relaxing day off (!!) from work, I’d stayed out rather late the night before with the boyfriend.  Fortunately, I didn’t have any demanding activities on the schedule.  But I did have one new adventure planned.

A new friend (!!) had told me about a local meditation thing that was happening, organized by a yoga teacher whose class I’d taken on an earlier Florida visit.  I’m not particularly good at sitting still, turning off my brain, and meditating, but this was a labyrinth meditation, so I was intrigued.  There were 5 of us who met at this outdoor labyrinth.  It looked like this:

Ta dah!

Ta dah!


Fun fact: I learned the difference between a maze and a labyrinth.  (Plus: I also learned how to spell labyrinth correctly!  That “y” throws me off.)  Anyhoo, a maze is a puzzle with multiple routes and dead ends and such.  A labyrinth, on the other hand, has a single, winding path that leads to the center.  If you follow it, you can’t make a wrong turn.

To do a labyrinth meditation, as I understand it, you stand at the entrance and set an intention.  You can ask God/the Universe/your guides/angels/whatever you believe in a burning question, or ask for a general message or guidance.  Then you take a few deep breaths, and start walking the path.  Theoretically, by the time you reach the center, you should have your answer or message.  You take a few quiet moments at the center, then turn around and follow the same path back out to the entrance.

I personally didn’t experience any ah ha! moments or receive the secrets of the Universe, but I did feel a lot of love and peace.  It was quite nice.

If you are interested, you can find a labyrinth near you at the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator.

I hope you all have an ah-maze-ing weekend!  See you Monday!!




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