Tea Nerdery

You know how I work in a tea shop?  And how I want to own my own tea shop one day?  One would think it’s safe to assume that I like tea, right?  You’d be correct.  I am a tea nerd.

Well, over the weekend, I discovered this CUUUUUUUTE little shop that sells all sorts of French country-style accessories.  It’s got soaps, lotions, stationery, towels, and gifts.

And guess what else… tea and accessories!

So I bought this

How could I say non?

How could I say non?


And I also bought the tea* that I brewed and poured into it: Rooibos Provence.  It’s rooibos, rosehips, currants, rose leaves, lavender, and blueberries.  No caffeine (because I want a nap).  It’s the closest I’ll get to France anytime soon.  Mmmm…  🙂




*Ok, technically rooibos is not a tea because it’s not camellia sinensis (the actual tea plant).  Shhhh….  Details, schmetails.


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