“I’m Not As Weird As You Think I Am”?


It was just one of THOSE days.

I consider myself a pretty upbeat person, and I like to think that the positive vibes I put out into the universe come back to me in the form of positive vibes from others.  And that is usually my experience.

But not today.

Today, an older gentleman came to the shop where I work and ordered a small, black coffee to go.  I filled up his cup, with a little room at the top.  Usually, I ask customers if they need room for milk/cream, but since he ordered it black, I figured not and filled it most of the way.

Two seconds later, he came back, spitting mad.  He yelled at me, in a COMPLETELY inappropriate tone of voice that implied that I was a) an imbecile, or b) incompetent, or c) both.

Him: “You filled it up too high!  There’s no room for sugar!  How can I put any sugar in?!?  And it’s a spill risk!!  What if I spilled it?!?”

Me (sputtering): “Sorry, sir, I can pour some out.”

I poured out about half an inch of coffee and handed it back to him.

Him: “What the hell is wrong with you?!  I ordered a coffee–you filled it up too high!!  I told you to pour some out, and you pour out the whole thing!!”

Now, I was completely shocked at this point.  No one has EVER spoken to me in such a hateful, vicious tone in my entire life.  And over COFFEE?

Me (turning beet red because I’m so stunned and embarrassed and angry, and then of course I’m mad at myself for turning red so I turn even redder): “Well, I can put some more in.  That’s no problem.”

I handed him his cup back with slightly more coffee this time (but not too much, God forbid), and took his cash.  He walked away to get his precious sugar before I could give him his change, so I put it on the counter underneath his receipt, and I kept an eye on him (to make sure he didn’t walk away without his money) while I started to help the next customer in line, who was oh-so-patiently waiting.

I was just finishing up with the next customer when the rude guy was finishing up with his sugar.

Me: “Sir, I put your change right here.”

He made absolutely no indication that he heard me.  Didn’t look at me, didn’t look at his money on the counter, nothing.

Me: “Sir, your change.”

Him: “What’s wrong with you?!?  I heard you the first time.”

Me (a little more firmly this time): “Sorry, I have a tendency to speak softly, and I wasn’t sure if you’d heard me.”

He gathered up his change.

Him: “You know, I’m not as weird as you think I am.”

Me: “If that is your version of an apology, you suck at apologizing.”

Ok, so I didn’t really say that last part.  (I think I said, “Um, ok…” instead.)  That’s probably what I should have said, though.

At what point, does “The customer is always right” become “Customer or not, he has no right to treat people that way”?  Because I’m pretty sure that guy crossed the line into verbal abuse.  I was honestly so astonished by his awful behavior that I didn’t think to stand up for myself.  (Side note: my boss later said she thought she remembered him, and he had been kicked out of the shop a few months ago by another employee.)  I’m pretty nonconfontational, clearly. But I can’t let people walk all over me just because they’re a bully.

And then an hour later, another customer yelled at me for not pouring him enough orange juice (I filled it to the line near the top of the cup, which is WHERE I’M SUPPOSED TO FILL IT TO MAKE SURE ALL THE CUPS HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT), and slightly thereafter, I spilled meat juice on my shoe from the cold cuts I was laying on a platter.  My left foot is gonna smell like rancid corned beef.  To top it all off, my old landlords from LA sent me a message saying they would return my deposit less $650.  $650?!?  I was an excellent tenant.  There is NO WAY possible that there was $650 worth of repairs.  That place was SPOTLESS when I left it.

Ugh.  Time to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head and wait for tomorrow.  Well, after I kick off the corned beef sneakers, of course.


Anyhoo, happy weekend, dear readers.  I hope you only encounter nice, polite people as you go about your weekend fun!  Tell the meanies to stay home.


4 thoughts on ““I’m Not As Weird As You Think I Am”?

  1. Days like that can be so challenging. And that guy was totally out of line. I mean really?!? That’s happened to me before when I’m so totally shocked by someone’s behavior I can’t speak or respond. Maybe your continued kindness of making sure he got his change made him realize how out of line he was. And that wasn’t not an apology, that was a lame excuse. Hoping you’ve had better days since and your sneaker doesn’t stink!

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