Still a Happy Girl…

OMG, you guys!  I can’t believe I made you wait the whole weekend without telling you my happy news.

There was so much good stuff going on in my last post on Friday that I (can’t believe I did this!) actually forgot the pièce de résistance!

Who has two thumbs and got a raise at work last week?  Guess!

That’s right, moi!

Woot.  🙂




Happy Girl

You guys, yesterday was pretty epic.  First of all, I had a! day! off!  That’s always a good start.

My morning consisted of nearly 2 hours of glorious ballet class.  For my 2nd class back after a 6 year hiatus, I did pretty well.  And even better, I think I will still be able to walk/bend/etc for the next couple of days without debilitating soreness.  Yay!

In the afternoon, I took a nap.  A sweet, sweet 2 hour nap.

My evening was filled with the wonderful sounds of crystal singing bowls and a digeridoo.  It was essentially a meditation while a lady performed reiki.  It’s all very woo-woo, but I like it.  I’m usually not particularly good at meditation, but it was so relaxing and nourishing.

All this epicness bodes well for the weekend.  I hope yours is equally awesome, dear readers.  See you on the flip side!!!

Green Update

Yesterday, I mentioned how the neighborhood had spray painted the grass green.  Do you think the Queen of Hearts ordered the cards to paint the grass green after they painted the roses red?


Well, two days later, it rained.  Now, the grass is a more uniform, normal-looking green color instead of the splotchy too-green-green.

Hopefully none of the gardeners lost their heads over it…


Anyhoo, now that the paint chemicals have (hopefully!) washed away, Akela is allowed to play on the grass again.  Happy puppy! 🙂

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I’ve got a weird observation for you guys.

But first, some backstory.  My husky mix Akela has this weird emotional state we call “party time” where she gets super excited and runs around in circles like crazy.  She does this about once a day, or every couple of days at least.  If she doesn’t get her “sillies” out during “party time,” she’ll often get kinda crazy inside the house and bark and do laps on the couch (which she is NOT supposed to do).

There’s a large patch of grass where we regularly walk, and I try to play with her to get her to go into “party time” mode.  If I’m successful, she’ll run in circles around me while I rotate in the center, holding the long leash.  It’s hilarious.  And awesome, because I get to be lazy and she gets exercise.  Brilliant.

But apparently, this patch of grass wasn’t green enough.  Because somebody from the neighborhood maintenance spray painted the grass.

Seriously.  You can tell just by looking at it.  There’s blobs of fake-green-colored grass interspersed among the regular-green-colored grass.  The spray painted grass is, like, TOO green.  Weird.

And now poor Akela can’t party on the grass because I won’t let her run around in spray paint chemicals.

Couches beware.  Dun dun DUUUNNNN.  It’s gonna be time for laps any minute now.




Speaking of customers who cause me stress, I’ve noticed that there’s a certain “type” of customer that I see a few times a week who is not my favorite: the pushy old white guy.

I think they’re mostly vacationers and/or snowbird retirees visiting Florida for the winter.  It’s never a businessman in a suit or sportcoat; the pushy old white guy is always dressed casually.

It’s the man who comes up to the counter and says, “Yeah, gimme a _____” while I’m still helping the customer in front of him.  When I tell him that I’ll be right with him as soon as I can, he doesn’t even have the grace to apologize or act embarrassed.  He just is impatient.

When I can give him my full attention, he usually orders without really making eye contact.

Oh, and he never tips.  Meanie.  😦


It’s nice to know that other businesses have to deal with this type of customer as well.  Recently, while trying to get my tire fixed (I apparently drove over a nail… sigh…), I was waiting for service at a tire shop when this pushy old guy zoomed past me with his walker.  The mechanic behind the counter started trying to help him first, but I waved and said I was actually next.  Nicely, of course.  Score one for patient, polite people.  Take that, pushy old guys of the world!



Stress Dreams

I keep having a recurring dream that I’m at work.  In the dream, I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep, but customers keep coming and they keep wanting to buy things.  I help one or two people, but the desire to sleep just is becoming unbearable.  And then I realize that it’s not my shift and my coworker Gemma should be helping them instead of me, but there’s a long line of customers and she can’t handle them all by herself.  I look at the clock and it’s 1 or 2 am, and why are there so many customers in the middle of the night?  I’m so sleepy.  And wait, we’re not even supposed to be open now.  Everybody should just go back to bed.  But why are all these customers in my bedroom anyway?  At some point, I just give up and decide to sleep because I can’t resist any more, but I feel guilty for sleeping at work and leaving Gemma to deal with all of the people.


Good thing tomorrow is my day off..


I have nothing too interesting to say today, except happy Friday!!!  Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Oh, and







New Dog?

Since I technically made the decision to move back to South Florida a couple months ago, I decided it was time for Akela, my husky mix, to get a new tag with a local number.  (Additionally, her old tag also had my ex-bf’s CA phone number underneath mine, so it was definitely past time for that to go.)

Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet, I found a very reasonably priced tag with 4 lines of free engraving.  Score!

The weird thing is that her new tag does not jingle the same as her old one.  It throws me off when I hear her moving around.  Is there a strange new dog in the house?  No, just the same one with a new jingling noise.


Doesn’t she look pretty in her new tag?  It matches her eyes!  Lol…

Doesn't she look pretty in her new tag??  :-)

Jingle jingle





As I referenced in yesterday’s St. Patty’s Day post, St. Patrick is credited with banishing the snakes from Ireland.

Too bad he never banished them from Florida!

I am so incredibly terrified of snakes it’s not funny.  I have a recurring nightmare, where I reach for an object on a shelf, only to discover that I’m reaching for an angry, hissing snake.  At which point, I am jerked awake, heart pounding out of my chest, shaking uncontrollably and sweating profusely.  Ugh.


So of course, I recently saw a snake wiggling its way across the back patio.  Fortunately, I was safely inside, looking out the window.

But ever since then, every time I walk my dog, I’m super paranoid about running into a snake.

Yikes!! Is that…? Oh, it’s just a leaf. Whew!


All sorts of hidden evils may lurk here!

All sorts of hidden evils may lurk here!


Thankfully, it’s always sticks and leaves!!  Silly me…