In my last lifetime (when I worked in LA in the movie industry), it was completely normal to work 70-80 hours a week.  Or even more.  (Some low budget movies I worked on shot 6 days a week and only had 1 day off, which would have been 85+ hours/week.)  It was brutal and punishing, and I was always tired.  If I got a full weekend, Saturday would be spent just recovering, with Sunday’s to-do list including all the productive stuff, like laundry and errands.  (If I only got one day off, I generally failed to be productive at all!)  I would disappear from social events for months at a time, only to be able to hang out with my friends when a project was completed.  They’d be like, “Oh yeah, we forgot what you looked like!”

Now, I work 25-30 hours a week in a tea shop.  I’m on my feet the whole time I’m working, making drinks, assisting customers, and preparing food items.  It can be draining to be cheery and helpful the whole time, but I genuinely love it.  It’s only 25-30 hours a week!  You would think I’d have so much energy when I finish work because I’d be used to a super crazy work schedule.

Not so!

Doggone tired.

Doggone tired.


Which stinks.

I get off work in the middle of the day, and I’m practically useless for the rest of the afternoon.  I think it’s because I have to get up before 5 am everyday to be at work by 6.  I’m trying to keep my dog on her food/walk schedule, while my schedule has significantly changed.  (Plus, I’m not very good at going to bed early even if I didn’t have to walk my dog.)  After awhile, the early alarms take their toll.

So it’s been my recent goal to be better about managing my time.  I’ve already accomplished a lot after work this week with regard to tying up loose ends in LA and getting financial stuff in order.  Hooray!  Now I just need to get my butt in bed at night.  The time change coming up this weekend is going to be brutal.

Fortunately, after 6 days in a row working, today is my day off.  Hooray!!!


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