Tea Tour

Today we’re continuing for the rest of the week with the “Cool Things I Plan to Do While I’m in Florida” theme.  Today’s topic?  Tea!

I love tea!  (Duh.)  I work in a tea shop.  I love the tradition (in many cultures!) of people coming together and connecting through tea.  I want to open my own tea shop someday in the not-too-distant future.

So I’m looking forward to a “research tour” of all the tea shops within reasonable driving distance in South Florida.  I may even expand my search radius once I complete visiting all the shops I find nearby.  There are many good ones!  We’ve got the foo-foo old fashioned Victorian tea and we’ve got more modern, funky tea houses.  I love them all!  My to-do list includes:


Serenity Garden Tea House in West Palm Beach

TeaLicious Tea Room in Delray Beach

Shaffer’s Tea Room in Delray Beach

Trend Tea in Boca Raton

Hidden Tea Secrets in Parkland

Oscar’s Tea Room and Gift Shop  in Wilton Manors

Hibiscus Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

Eat the Tea in Fort Lauderdale


Oh boy am I going to have fun eating and drinking my way through this list!!


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