Speaking of customers who cause me stress, I’ve noticed that there’s a certain “type” of customer that I see a few times a week who is not my favorite: the pushy old white guy.

I think they’re mostly vacationers and/or snowbird retirees visiting Florida for the winter.  It’s never a businessman in a suit or sportcoat; the pushy old white guy is always dressed casually.

It’s the man who comes up to the counter and says, “Yeah, gimme a _____” while I’m still helping the customer in front of him.  When I tell him that I’ll be right with him as soon as I can, he doesn’t even have the grace to apologize or act embarrassed.  He just is impatient.

When I can give him my full attention, he usually orders without really making eye contact.

Oh, and he never tips.  Meanie.  😦


It’s nice to know that other businesses have to deal with this type of customer as well.  Recently, while trying to get my tire fixed (I apparently drove over a nail… sigh…), I was waiting for service at a tire shop when this pushy old guy zoomed past me with his walker.  The mechanic behind the counter started trying to help him first, but I waved and said I was actually next.  Nicely, of course.  Score one for patient, polite people.  Take that, pushy old guys of the world!




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