It’s Not Easy Being Green

I’ve got a weird observation for you guys.

But first, some backstory.  My husky mix Akela has this weird emotional state we call “party time” where she gets super excited and runs around in circles like crazy.  She does this about once a day, or every couple of days at least.  If she doesn’t get her “sillies” out during “party time,” she’ll often get kinda crazy inside the house and bark and do laps on the couch (which she is NOT supposed to do).

There’s a large patch of grass where we regularly walk, and I try to play with her to get her to go into “party time” mode.  If I’m successful, she’ll run in circles around me while I rotate in the center, holding the long leash.  It’s hilarious.  And awesome, because I get to be lazy and she gets exercise.  Brilliant.

But apparently, this patch of grass wasn’t green enough.  Because somebody from the neighborhood maintenance spray painted the grass.

Seriously.  You can tell just by looking at it.  There’s blobs of fake-green-colored grass interspersed among the regular-green-colored grass.  The spray painted grass is, like, TOO green.  Weird.

And now poor Akela can’t party on the grass because I won’t let her run around in spray paint chemicals.

Couches beware.  Dun dun DUUUNNNN.  It’s gonna be time for laps any minute now.




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