April Foolin’

Was anybody the recipient of any April Fools’ jokes yesterday?  Several people I know posted on Facebook that they were pregnant, just to be funny.  Um, ha?

My day was quite low key, which is fine by me.  I’m not particularly big on pranks.  (Although when I was a kid, the leprechaun would visit our house overnight on St. Patrick’s Day, and he would turn furniture upside down and make all the picture frames crooked, and little me would run around and set everything to rights.  Does that count as a prank?  Doesn’t really matter… totally a different holiday.  I digress.)

A few years ago, I was working on a crime drama, and I had a (partial) desk job.  Although I often had to run around town and pick up/drop off stuff for the show, whenever I was in the office, I would answer phones.  Whenever someone called, their phone number would show up on my screen.  And if it was someone within the office calling from another extension, their name would show up.  You could easily change how your name appeared in the phone system.

On April Fools’ Day, I started getting calls from all sorts of different people, most with names of people who didn’t work on the show, but some names of people in other departments.  However, whenever I would answer the phone, there was no one there.  It was rather irritating, because I a) couldn’t figure out who was prank-calling me, and b) couldn’t determine if a real person in the office was calling about something important or if someone was using their name to make me think a real person in the office was calling about something important.  Grrr…

I finally figured out who it was when I heard muffled giggling.  My boss and my coworker were co-conspirators from across the room.  Well, fine.  I could play at their game, too.  I waited till they were distracted, and then I started calling THEM.  Except first I changed my name to “U MEANIE” and called my boss, and then I changed my name to “U SUCK” and called my coworker.  And when they answered, I would do creepy heavy breathing on the phone and then hang up.  Ha!  Got you back!!  Well, they eventually figured out it was me, and we called a truce.

My observations?  It’s way more fun to be the jokester than to be pranked.

So I guess I’m not sad I missed out on April Fools’ Day pranks this year.  Gee, darn.


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