Tea Hee Hee

To lighten the mood from yesterday’s buzzkill of a post, I’ve decided to play it funny today.  As such, I have compiled a list of my favorite tea jokes*:


What does a teapot say to her lover?

Oh Darjeeling!


What is a baby teapot’s favorite game?



How long does it take to ship tea from China by slow boat?

Oolong time!


What did the teapot say to the tea bag?

I don’t want another seep out of you!


What happens when Old Lady Teapot laughs too hard?

She teas her pants.


What does a teapot say to her hairdresser?

Don’t teas



Hope you have a great Friday!  See you after the weekend!!





* Disclaimer: I didn’t create any of these jokes.  I found them here and I picked my favorites.  And also edited slightly for grammar because I couldn’t help myself.  🙂




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