Update: Reality Check

Remember how last week, I published a cathartic post about how I felt so far behind in all the things I should have accomplished in career/personal life/finances by now?

Well, a) thank you to those of you who stuck it out and all read my thoughts.  The comments (online and in person) and “likes” and “follows” meant a lot.  And b) I think I feel a little better now.  Even though nothing has changed per se, I think that articulating the panic and stress and pressure I feel helped lessen the load a bit.


And, oh yeah, I guess I’m not that old yet…

Yesterday, I made some offhand comment at work about not being ready for kids.  A 17-year-old who just started working with me (it was her 2nd day) said she wasn’t either and referred to herself and me as (relative) babies.  I kinda of snickered and told her thanks but I’m actually 30.  She was genuinely surprised and said she thought I was 20.  Then, one of the tea shop regulars who works nearby asked me if I went to a local college down the street.  A couple hours later, I even got carded at Whole Foods for buying kombucha.





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