I’ve Got a Theory…

… that the number of bumper stickers on your car is directly proportionate to how right or left of center your political views are.  So, for example, if you’ve only got one bumper sticker, you’re probably pretty moderate.  If, however, you have like 12 bumper stickers, you’re most likely very liberal or very conservative.  You can usually tell someone’s political leanings by actually reading said bumper stickers.  You’ll know based on whether they say stuff like “God, Guns, and Guts Made America” or “I’m a child, not a choice” versus “I Do Support Marriage Equality” or “Love Your Mother” with a picture of planet Earth.

My theory doesn’t work backwards.  A lot of super liberal or conservative people don’t have 15 bumper stickers.  But a person who does have that many is most likely pretty far from center.

Those are my thoughts…  What do you think of my theory?


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