About Me

Hello!  If you’re reading this, then welcome and thanks for visiting!  Well, you clicked on “About Me” so I guess you want to know a little bit about me.  Huh.  What to say.

I’m a girl.  I recently entered my 30s.  I grew up in South Florida, moved to LA for 11 1/2 years, and recently moved back home.  I worked in the film & tv industry as a costumer for 7 years.  At some point, I realized my dream was to open my own tea shop, so I switched careers.  I currently work in an awesome tea shop in South Florida, and I’m learning the tea biz, with the intent of bringing my new knowledge to my own shop back in LA closer to home one day soon.

I’m really into yoga and healthy eating (which is different for everyone, but to me, it means buying fresh, local, organic produce and animal products from creatures that are/were well-treated, and I generally try to avoid a lot of processed foods.  Well, at home at least.  If I go out for a meal, I sometimes splurge and order normal people food.  *Gets down from soapbox now.*)


Loves: my dog Akela- a rescued husky/border collie mix!, pretty much anything having to do with dance, connecting with friends over tea, reading an awesome book, eating foods from different countries, and speaking of food, chocolate chip cookies and pie

Likes: hiking, cooking, shopping, board games, wine, wine + board games, singing, traveling, college football

Dislikes: movie snobs who freak out when they learn I haven’t seen <insert name of movie here>, other peoples’ messes, bullies, people who walk around with a bluetooth in their ear all the time, like whatever call they might get is more important than conversing with the humans in front of them




Questions, comments?  Let me know your thoughts.


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