Looking Forward

I kinda kept you hanging over the weekend.  I’m sure you were super jittery with anticipation for almost 3 days, wondering what in the heck my Plan D is.  Wait no more, my friends.


Drumroll, please.


Ok, just kidding.  Honestly, my Plan D is a modified Plan C with a more realistic time frame.  I am still planning on staying in South Florida.  I am still planning on opening my own tea shop locally.  However, due to the fact that no one is showering me with oodles of money because of my brilliant tea shop idea (weird, right?), I’ve adapted my goals.

Goal #1: Create a website selling delicious, high-quality, looseleaf teas cleverly packaged in cute gift containers in time for the holiday shopping season.

Goal #2: Start selling my tea locally as well, probably at farmers markets (or green markets, as they’re called in these parts).  Get my name out there.  This would also be a good idea for holiday shopping.

Goal #3: Start a brick-and-mortar tea shop in 2015, hopefully in time for the tourist season.  Approximately 1 year from now.


Ta dah!


I obviously have a TON of work to do, buuuuuut (and it’s a big but!*) I think it’s all doable.  I have already come up with a GENIUS name for my company (shhh… I can’t tell you yet.  Gotta register for a trademark!).  I’ve purchased the dot com and created a Facebook page, Twitter account, and email address.  I also have to officially organize a company.  I’ve decided an LLC is the way to go for moi.  I’ve gotta figure out the specifics of that, though, because I’m pretty sure I need a physical address for my LLC (no P.O. boxes allowed) to register with the state of Florida.  But I’m also pretty sure my residence is not actually zoned for conducting business.  So, can I apply for a variance?  I’m not sure.  Yay bureaucracy!  So confusing…

In terms of Goal #3: my future brick-and-mortar tea shop, I’ve got a neighborhood I’m keeping my eye on.**  I think it’s set to gentrify in the next few years.  If I can get in on the front end of that redevelopment, I imagine I’ll be sitting pretty in my awesome tea shop with hopefully reasonable rent.

I’ll keep you posted!







* Thank you to Mr. I.,  my 9th grade geometry teacher for that gem of a pun.

** There, I did it again!  Those darn prepositions at the end of sentences!  What was I thinking??


No More Physics as Justification!

A while back, I wrote a scientific defense of laziness.  I would again like to address the topic, from a slightly different viewpoint: that of motivation.

I am doing research for starting my own business, and one of the books I am reading is Go Do! by Jeremy Harbour.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I picked it because a) I was able to download it to my Kindle from my local library (side bar: how cool is that?!?) (2nd side bar: I haven’t yet figured out how to “return” it to the library. hmmm…) and because b) it was published in 2012, so I figured it was definitely still relevant.  Plus, he has a very casual, easy-to-read style of writing.  Other than that, I can’t say that so far I’ve really resonated with it.  He seems like a business opportunist, a serial entrepreneur if you will.  He starts, buys, and sells businesses for the thrill of it, coupled with a love of making money.  There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but my approach will be different.  Quite simply, I really want to connect with people and provide a product/service that really makes them feel good.  (Although to be fair, I am hoping to do that making money thing, too.)

Still, I kept reading and found that Mr. Harbour has a brilliant discussion of motivation:

Your desires are manifested by your actions, so what you do, say, and how you act defines your desire.

You may think you want to make money [or go to the gym or hike with the dog or eat more veggies] but your actions show that you put watching football or television first…  Despite our best intentions, our actions betray our unconscious minds…

Your conscious mind thinks you want to start a business, but your unconscious psyche thinks you should choose the path of least resistance.  Your conscious mind knows you need to devote some time to planning your business when you get home from work, but your unconscious psyche craves that bottle of wine or an early night…  An inability to exert discipline on your unconscious psyche is perfectly understandable and something we all struggle with at one point or another.  Therefore, you have to train your mind in order to enable your conscious thoughts to begin to take the upper hand.

Good point, Jeremy Harbour.  Commence mind training now!  Let’s see, maybe I’ll read another chapter…