Looking Back

As you’ve probably noticed by now, it’s September.  September.  It used to be the 7th month of the year for the Romans (septem = seven in Latin) but for us, it’s the 9th month of the year.  Wow.  For those of you who are following along at home, that means I’ve been in Florida 8+ months, depending on where you start counting.  I’ve been working at a local tea shop for 7+ months.  Wow again.  2014 is flying by!  At least for me.

To recap for any new blog followers (or for those of you who are fuzzy on the deets since it’s been awhile since I posted), my original plan was to drive with my dog from my house in LA to visit my parents in Florida for Christmas.  And then drive us back to LA.  That plan got scrapped on a whim when I got an opportunity to work at a tea shop in South Florida and learn the biz firsthand.  That would give me a leg up when I started my own tea business back in LA.  Now we were onto Plan B: work and learn the tea biz in Florida for 6(ish) months.  So I flew to LA, packed up my house, put everything in storage, and jetted back to South Florida.

Over time, Plan B gradually evolved into Plan C: stay in Florida permanently and open up my own tea shop here.  Close enough to my family, but far enough to not compete with my current boss.  I would do my 6 months at her shop and manage the place while she and her family took a European vacation.  During those 6 months, I would come up with a plan, establish myself in South Florida, and start my own business shortly thereafter.

Well, guess what.  My boss came back from her European adventures over a month ago, and I’m still working at her shop.  The good news is I love my job.  I still love tea!  I love helping customers!  I’m looking forward to doing it in my own place!!  The bad news is I’m not earning enough to provide the capital for starting up my own tea shop.  Let alone to move out of my dad’s house and get an apartment.  I really thought I’d have it all figured out by now.  So much for Plan C.

Le sigh…

So.  I guess we’re caught up now.  The other good news is that I’ve got a Plan D I’m excited about.*  Stay tuned and I’ll share it with you next week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!!





*Sorry I ended a sentence with a preposition.  Bad grammar nerd!





Start Me Up

For anyone else out there in Blogland who has made a similar New Year’s resolution to me and wants to get their own business started in 2014 (or even grow an existing small company), I have a wholehearted recommendation for you:

The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide by Peri Pakroo, J.D.


Now, regular readers of Thought of the Day Blog will know that I haven’t actually started my own business yet, technically speaking.  So maybe this endorsement seems a little premature.  But speaking as someone who started off pretty clueless and never took any business classes in college (sorry, Dad, maybe I should have…), this book really makes legal/financial information accessible, and it’s given me a lot more confidence in the areas where I felt overwhelmed.  And about 95% of the information is applicable to guys, too.  Don’t let the title chase you away, gents.


It’s really well-organized, with chapters devoted to:

– writing a business plan

– calculating financial projections

– choosing the right legal structure

– finding cost-effective marketing

– keeping your books

– navigating tax basics

– and more


I thought it would be snooze-a-riffic, but somehow, it’s interesting.  Honestly.  My eyes have barely glazed over even with some of the technical mumbo jumbo.  Ms. Pakroo’s tone is casual but professional, and I appreciate how she breaks down concepts without talking down to her readers or making me feel dumb.

She provides a great overview of all the facets of starting/running a business, plus she provides excellent suggestions for further, in-depth research.  And on top of that, the publisher (nolo.com) has a website where you can download all sorts of legal forms and worksheets (here).

So is anyone else also starting a business?  I’d love to create a little online support system if there are any fellow future entrepreneurs out there.  So holler at me if you’re interested!!



(Disclaimer: This book review is entirely my own opinion.  I didn’t receive any compensation whatsoever.  However, if anyone WANTS to compensate me, I’d be ok with that.  <<Grin>>)