Start Me Up

For anyone else out there in Blogland who has made a similar New Year’s resolution to me and wants to get their own business started in 2014 (or even grow an existing small company), I have a wholehearted recommendation for you:

The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide by Peri Pakroo, J.D.


Now, regular readers of Thought of the Day Blog will know that I haven’t actually started my own business yet, technically speaking.  So maybe this endorsement seems a little premature.  But speaking as someone who started off pretty clueless and never took any business classes in college (sorry, Dad, maybe I should have…), this book really makes legal/financial information accessible, and it’s given me a lot more confidence in the areas where I felt overwhelmed.  And about 95% of the information is applicable to guys, too.  Don’t let the title chase you away, gents.


It’s really well-organized, with chapters devoted to:

– writing a business plan

– calculating financial projections

– choosing the right legal structure

– finding cost-effective marketing

– keeping your books

– navigating tax basics

– and more


I thought it would be snooze-a-riffic, but somehow, it’s interesting.  Honestly.  My eyes have barely glazed over even with some of the technical mumbo jumbo.  Ms. Pakroo’s tone is casual but professional, and I appreciate how she breaks down concepts without talking down to her readers or making me feel dumb.

She provides a great overview of all the facets of starting/running a business, plus she provides excellent suggestions for further, in-depth research.  And on top of that, the publisher ( has a website where you can download all sorts of legal forms and worksheets (here).

So is anyone else also starting a business?  I’d love to create a little online support system if there are any fellow future entrepreneurs out there.  So holler at me if you’re interested!!



(Disclaimer: This book review is entirely my own opinion.  I didn’t receive any compensation whatsoever.  However, if anyone WANTS to compensate me, I’d be ok with that.  <<Grin>>)