Looking Forward

I kinda kept you hanging over the weekend.  I’m sure you were super jittery with anticipation for almost 3 days, wondering what in the heck my Plan D is.  Wait no more, my friends.


Drumroll, please.


Ok, just kidding.  Honestly, my Plan D is a modified Plan C with a more realistic time frame.  I am still planning on staying in South Florida.  I am still planning on opening my own tea shop locally.  However, due to the fact that no one is showering me with oodles of money because of my brilliant tea shop idea (weird, right?), I’ve adapted my goals.

Goal #1: Create a website selling delicious, high-quality, looseleaf teas cleverly packaged in cute gift containers in time for the holiday shopping season.

Goal #2: Start selling my tea locally as well, probably at farmers markets (or green markets, as they’re called in these parts).  Get my name out there.  This would also be a good idea for holiday shopping.

Goal #3: Start a brick-and-mortar tea shop in 2015, hopefully in time for the tourist season.  Approximately 1 year from now.


Ta dah!


I obviously have a TON of work to do, buuuuuut (and it’s a big but!*) I think it’s all doable.  I have already come up with a GENIUS name for my company (shhh… I can’t tell you yet.  Gotta register for a trademark!).  I’ve purchased the dot com and created a Facebook page, Twitter account, and email address.  I also have to officially organize a company.  I’ve decided an LLC is the way to go for moi.  I’ve gotta figure out the specifics of that, though, because I’m pretty sure I need a physical address for my LLC (no P.O. boxes allowed) to register with the state of Florida.  But I’m also pretty sure my residence is not actually zoned for conducting business.  So, can I apply for a variance?  I’m not sure.  Yay bureaucracy!  So confusing…

In terms of Goal #3: my future brick-and-mortar tea shop, I’ve got a neighborhood I’m keeping my eye on.**  I think it’s set to gentrify in the next few years.  If I can get in on the front end of that redevelopment, I imagine I’ll be sitting pretty in my awesome tea shop with hopefully reasonable rent.

I’ll keep you posted!







* Thank you to Mr. I.,  my 9th grade geometry teacher for that gem of a pun.

** There, I did it again!  Those darn prepositions at the end of sentences!  What was I thinking??


‘Tis the Reason

After my bombshell announcement yesterday that I was moving back home as a 30-year-old adult (hey, it’s dramatic to me), I thought I might explain myself further.

After 6-7 years in showbiz, I’m calling it quits.  At least for a little while.  (But that might be what I’m telling myself so it doesn’t seem like such a drastic change.  Who knows?)

Regular readers of Thought of the Day Blog might remember that my new dream is to open my own business.  This is still true, although so far I haven’t shared with you many specifics.  Here goes:

I want to open a tea shop.


Not just any tea shop, mind you.  I have all sorts of awesome ideas on how to bring people together.  I want my future tea shop to be a place where customers can leave their problems at the door, and come in for some good ol’ TLC.

So… part of the reason why I moved home is because I got a job working in a tea shop in South Florida near my dad’s house.  The owner is a super awesome lady, and she knows I want to open my own place at some point, so there’s no hidden agenda on my part.  She’s gonna teach me all about the tea industry.  She just made me promise not to steal her secrets.  (No problem.  I would never do that anyway!!!)

I’ve just started work, and I really like it a lot.  I definitely have a ton to learn, but I was able to jump right into the swing of things in some cases, too.  I’m looking forward to mastering the tea list and knowing all about the products for sale.  It feels like a nice confirmation that I made the right decision.


I hope you have a great weekend, blog friends!  Hope you have fun things ahead to look forward to, too!!