Tax Nerdery

Guess who is now the proud member of a Florida LLC and has a new tax ID number from the IRS…


That’s right, MEEEE!


Future tea shop, here I come!


Who knew that tax info could be so exciting??


(I’m only sort of kidding.  To be fair, I didn’t stand a chance to not be a weirdo, since not one but BOTH my parents have/had careers as accountants.)


Looking Forward

I kinda kept you hanging over the weekend.  I’m sure you were super jittery with anticipation for almost 3 days, wondering what in the heck my Plan D is.  Wait no more, my friends.


Drumroll, please.


Ok, just kidding.  Honestly, my Plan D is a modified Plan C with a more realistic time frame.  I am still planning on staying in South Florida.  I am still planning on opening my own tea shop locally.  However, due to the fact that no one is showering me with oodles of money because of my brilliant tea shop idea (weird, right?), I’ve adapted my goals.

Goal #1: Create a website selling delicious, high-quality, looseleaf teas cleverly packaged in cute gift containers in time for the holiday shopping season.

Goal #2: Start selling my tea locally as well, probably at farmers markets (or green markets, as they’re called in these parts).  Get my name out there.  This would also be a good idea for holiday shopping.

Goal #3: Start a brick-and-mortar tea shop in 2015, hopefully in time for the tourist season.  Approximately 1 year from now.


Ta dah!


I obviously have a TON of work to do, buuuuuut (and it’s a big but!*) I think it’s all doable.  I have already come up with a GENIUS name for my company (shhh… I can’t tell you yet.  Gotta register for a trademark!).  I’ve purchased the dot com and created a Facebook page, Twitter account, and email address.  I also have to officially organize a company.  I’ve decided an LLC is the way to go for moi.  I’ve gotta figure out the specifics of that, though, because I’m pretty sure I need a physical address for my LLC (no P.O. boxes allowed) to register with the state of Florida.  But I’m also pretty sure my residence is not actually zoned for conducting business.  So, can I apply for a variance?  I’m not sure.  Yay bureaucracy!  So confusing…

In terms of Goal #3: my future brick-and-mortar tea shop, I’ve got a neighborhood I’m keeping my eye on.**  I think it’s set to gentrify in the next few years.  If I can get in on the front end of that redevelopment, I imagine I’ll be sitting pretty in my awesome tea shop with hopefully reasonable rent.

I’ll keep you posted!







* Thank you to Mr. I.,  my 9th grade geometry teacher for that gem of a pun.

** There, I did it again!  Those darn prepositions at the end of sentences!  What was I thinking??

Looking Back

As you’ve probably noticed by now, it’s September.  September.  It used to be the 7th month of the year for the Romans (septem = seven in Latin) but for us, it’s the 9th month of the year.  Wow.  For those of you who are following along at home, that means I’ve been in Florida 8+ months, depending on where you start counting.  I’ve been working at a local tea shop for 7+ months.  Wow again.  2014 is flying by!  At least for me.

To recap for any new blog followers (or for those of you who are fuzzy on the deets since it’s been awhile since I posted), my original plan was to drive with my dog from my house in LA to visit my parents in Florida for Christmas.  And then drive us back to LA.  That plan got scrapped on a whim when I got an opportunity to work at a tea shop in South Florida and learn the biz firsthand.  That would give me a leg up when I started my own tea business back in LA.  Now we were onto Plan B: work and learn the tea biz in Florida for 6(ish) months.  So I flew to LA, packed up my house, put everything in storage, and jetted back to South Florida.

Over time, Plan B gradually evolved into Plan C: stay in Florida permanently and open up my own tea shop here.  Close enough to my family, but far enough to not compete with my current boss.  I would do my 6 months at her shop and manage the place while she and her family took a European vacation.  During those 6 months, I would come up with a plan, establish myself in South Florida, and start my own business shortly thereafter.

Well, guess what.  My boss came back from her European adventures over a month ago, and I’m still working at her shop.  The good news is I love my job.  I still love tea!  I love helping customers!  I’m looking forward to doing it in my own place!!  The bad news is I’m not earning enough to provide the capital for starting up my own tea shop.  Let alone to move out of my dad’s house and get an apartment.  I really thought I’d have it all figured out by now.  So much for Plan C.

Le sigh…

So.  I guess we’re caught up now.  The other good news is that I’ve got a Plan D I’m excited about.*  Stay tuned and I’ll share it with you next week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!!





*Sorry I ended a sentence with a preposition.  Bad grammar nerd!




Tea Hee Hee

To lighten the mood from yesterday’s buzzkill of a post, I’ve decided to play it funny today.  As such, I have compiled a list of my favorite tea jokes*:


What does a teapot say to her lover?

Oh Darjeeling!


What is a baby teapot’s favorite game?



How long does it take to ship tea from China by slow boat?

Oolong time!


What did the teapot say to the tea bag?

I don’t want another seep out of you!


What happens when Old Lady Teapot laughs too hard?

She teas her pants.


What does a teapot say to her hairdresser?

Don’t teas



Hope you have a great Friday!  See you after the weekend!!





* Disclaimer: I didn’t create any of these jokes.  I found them here and I picked my favorites.  And also edited slightly for grammar because I couldn’t help myself.  🙂



Tea Tour

Today we’re continuing for the rest of the week with the “Cool Things I Plan to Do While I’m in Florida” theme.  Today’s topic?  Tea!

I love tea!  (Duh.)  I work in a tea shop.  I love the tradition (in many cultures!) of people coming together and connecting through tea.  I want to open my own tea shop someday in the not-too-distant future.

So I’m looking forward to a “research tour” of all the tea shops within reasonable driving distance in South Florida.  I may even expand my search radius once I complete visiting all the shops I find nearby.  There are many good ones!  We’ve got the foo-foo old fashioned Victorian tea and we’ve got more modern, funky tea houses.  I love them all!  My to-do list includes:


Serenity Garden Tea House in West Palm Beach

TeaLicious Tea Room in Delray Beach

Shaffer’s Tea Room in Delray Beach

Trend Tea in Boca Raton

Hidden Tea Secrets in Parkland

Oscar’s Tea Room and Gift Shop  in Wilton Manors

Hibiscus Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

Eat the Tea in Fort Lauderdale


Oh boy am I going to have fun eating and drinking my way through this list!!


In my last lifetime (when I worked in LA in the movie industry), it was completely normal to work 70-80 hours a week.  Or even more.  (Some low budget movies I worked on shot 6 days a week and only had 1 day off, which would have been 85+ hours/week.)  It was brutal and punishing, and I was always tired.  If I got a full weekend, Saturday would be spent just recovering, with Sunday’s to-do list including all the productive stuff, like laundry and errands.  (If I only got one day off, I generally failed to be productive at all!)  I would disappear from social events for months at a time, only to be able to hang out with my friends when a project was completed.  They’d be like, “Oh yeah, we forgot what you looked like!”

Now, I work 25-30 hours a week in a tea shop.  I’m on my feet the whole time I’m working, making drinks, assisting customers, and preparing food items.  It can be draining to be cheery and helpful the whole time, but I genuinely love it.  It’s only 25-30 hours a week!  You would think I’d have so much energy when I finish work because I’d be used to a super crazy work schedule.

Not so!

Doggone tired.

Doggone tired.


Which stinks.

I get off work in the middle of the day, and I’m practically useless for the rest of the afternoon.  I think it’s because I have to get up before 5 am everyday to be at work by 6.  I’m trying to keep my dog on her food/walk schedule, while my schedule has significantly changed.  (Plus, I’m not very good at going to bed early even if I didn’t have to walk my dog.)  After awhile, the early alarms take their toll.

So it’s been my recent goal to be better about managing my time.  I’ve already accomplished a lot after work this week with regard to tying up loose ends in LA and getting financial stuff in order.  Hooray!  Now I just need to get my butt in bed at night.  The time change coming up this weekend is going to be brutal.

Fortunately, after 6 days in a row working, today is my day off.  Hooray!!!

Japanese Tea Ceremony Etiquette

Over the weekend, I went to a presentation about the formal Japanese tea ceremony.  It was so cool!  I mean, I knew it was involved, but I guess I didn’t know how involved.  There are multiple schools devoted to teaching the rules of tea ceremonies.  I’m pretty sure I would have offended a bunch of Japanese people had it been a real ceremony.  Everything, and I mean everything, has a special significance.  The host (or hostess) puts SO much thought into choosing the scroll and flower decorations, and always, always thinks of the guest(s) when preparing for and performing the ceremony.

For example, there is an order to the service of the guests, with the first guest being the most important.  But the first guest has to apologize to the second guest for drinking first.  Also, one must hold the tea bowl a certain way to keep it safe: right hand on the side, and the left hand underneath.  The host very deliberately turns the tea bowl to face the guest so he/she can see the most decorated front side.  There is lots of bowing at certain times, and very specific, formal greetings are exchanged, but sometimes everyone is supposed to be silent.  It’s also considered rude if the guest does not admire the host’s tea equipment and compliment the tea bowl at appropriate times.  It’s a lot to keep straight!

Well, maybe one day I’ll go to Japan!  Until then, I need lots of practice so I can do it all correctly on the slim chance I’m invited for tea.  Bring on the matcha!!  Otemae chodai itashimasu!  (“Thank you for making tea!”)

Tea Nerdery

You know how I work in a tea shop?  And how I want to own my own tea shop one day?  One would think it’s safe to assume that I like tea, right?  You’d be correct.  I am a tea nerd.

Well, over the weekend, I discovered this CUUUUUUUTE little shop that sells all sorts of French country-style accessories.  It’s got soaps, lotions, stationery, towels, and gifts.

And guess what else… tea and accessories!

So I bought this

How could I say non?

How could I say non?


And I also bought the tea* that I brewed and poured into it: Rooibos Provence.  It’s rooibos, rosehips, currants, rose leaves, lavender, and blueberries.  No caffeine (because I want a nap).  It’s the closest I’ll get to France anytime soon.  Mmmm…  🙂




*Ok, technically rooibos is not a tea because it’s not camellia sinensis (the actual tea plant).  Shhhh….  Details, schmetails.

Update: Tea and Presidents

Hiya!  Hope everybody had a nice weekend!!  Was it a looong, 3 day weekend?  Yeah, me neither.  Those lucky kids and postal workers and bank tellers who didn’t have to go into work/school yesterday!  Thanks presidents!!  Although I’m not sure which presidents to thank

I don’t exactly have weekends off in my job as a “tea tender” (get it? like bartender but with tea?? I just learned this title and think it’s awesome.  And I do get to fix people a drink and occasionally listen to their problems.  Tea tender.  <<chortles>>  That’s genius).  ANYhoo, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off.  But the nice thing about that is that Monday is kinda = my Friday.  So I can enjoy it, probably more than most people with regular work schedules.  (They’re the ones that come in on Mondays, looking bleary-eyed, requesting larger coffees and extra shots of espresso in their lattes.)

Yesterday at the tea shop was rather slow.  I think a lot of customers were thrown off by the semi-holiday status, in that most people still had to work but the kids were off school.  I think people were trying to entertain their kids instead of coming in to visit us and get tea (and coffee and baked goods and yummy sammiches.)  Oh well.  I got to chat a little longer than usual with some nice folks, which was cool, too.  And the ones we did get were pretty good tippers.  Yay!  Saving up for my own tea shop one day!!

Week end/beginning

Happy weekend to those of you with a more “normal” schedule!  Hopefully you have a lot of fun and relaxation coming up over the next couple days.

I, on the other hand, go back to work Saturday bright and early at 6 am.  Actually, it’s still dark then.  Boo.  Sunday again at 6, too.  <<Yawn>>

Although waking up at 4:45 is not particularly awesome, I am looking forward to getting back to work.  For those of you who are new to Thought of the Day Blog, I recently left the LA film/tv industry for a job in a tea shop in Florida.  My dream is to open my own tea shop one day.  In the not-too-distant future.  So… I realized while I was home visiting my parents for Christmas that I had an amazing opportunity to take this job and learn the tea biz, and I decided to stay for awhile.  I took a couple weeks off, flew back to LA, put 11 1/2 years of furniture and stuff in storage, and flew back to South Florida to start this new chapter of my life.  There, now you’re up to date.

(Also, hi! welcome!! new readers!!!  I’m ecstatic you find my little ramblings to be amusing enough to read on a regular basis.  That’s mind-blowingly awesome.  Oh, you flatter me…)

(Not to be left out, but old readers… you guys rock!  Not that you’re old per se, but you and I have a history.  We go way back.  Months, even.  And you’re awesome too!!)

Anyhoo… I hope everyone (old and new alike!) has a great weekend off.  Or on, if you’re working like me.  Either way, make it a good one!  See you Monday!